‘X-Men’: Evan Peters Wants To See ‘Quicksilver’ And This Character Team-Up, And Bryan Singer Discusses The Future Of The Franchise

X-Men: Apocalypse has had more than a few mixed reviews, but the X-Men franchise is widely seen as one of the most solid of all the comic book cinematic universes, especially with Bryan Singer (X-Men, X2, X-Men: Days of Futures Past) at the helm. Quicksilver, Marvel Comics’ “Fastest Man Alive,” has been one of the highlights for X-Men fans since the X-Men: The Last Stand did not remotely live up to expectations. Quicksilver has sped through three different Marvel films so far, but only two was played by Evan Peters (American Horror Story). The Wrap reports that Quicksilver actor Evan Peters would love for his character to team up with a certain madcap, non-X-Men character for a future film.

“I would like to see a Deadpool/Quicksilver movie, I think that would be really fun.”

Deadpool hasn’t completely found his way into the X-Men franchise but did work with two of them in his first feature outing. Quicksilver has crossed into the Avengers universe, so it is certainly a possible mash-up, but would it work and would the fans want it? Both are impossible to say at this time. Peters did not know whether a Quicksilver solo film was in the cards either.

“Oh my god, I don’t know. It would take three years to shoot, wouldn’t it? Yeah I don’t know, I would love to do that.”

X-Men: Apocalypse has its critics, but so far it does not seem to amount to the utter violent protest and backlash that was the non-Bryan Singer directed X-Men: The Last Stand. Singer returned for X-Men: Days of Future Past and the current film, X-Men: Apocalypse.

Bryan Singer has helmed so many of the films that the question of “What’s Next?” or will he now be stepping away are natural forward thinking questions to ask. Comicbook reports that Singer considers X-Men: Apocalypse the finale.

“For me, this is not only the finale of the trilogy that started with ‘X-Men: First Class,’ it’s the finale of six movies. But I also call it an ‘in-betwee-quel’ — not a sequel or a prequel — because it happens in 1983, before the first ‘X-Men.’ I’ve done something no other franchise has done — not even ‘Star Wars,’ which is bouncing around in time. I’ve actually altered time so it concludes and also sows the seeds for the characters to find pieces of their destiny where we found them in the first three ‘X-Men’ movies.”

Considering the lone X-Men film he didn’t direct was widely considered the worst in the series, it is hard to imagine how the franchise succeeds without him at the helm. Take heart, X-men fans, Bryan Singer has stated that he always sees some type of role in the franchise.

“I recently met Danny Boyle — he and I have known of each other for many years but never met. He was prepping Steve Jobs at the time and I was doing this and he said, ‘Are you going to be doing X-Men movies forever?’ And I didn’t actually say no. The reality is, even though I’m very desperate to jump to something completely different, I’ve spent so many years in this universe and I love this cast and the characters so much, I just don’t see myself abandoning them forever. Perhaps as a consultant, as a producer, even as a director, I could see myself returning in the future. Just right now, once this one is done, I’d like to do something really different.”

Quicksilver/Deadpool teaming up for their own duo flick is far from certain, and a Quicksilver solo film is even less so, but the marriage of the directorial efforts of Bryan Singer and the X-Men film franchise will likely see many more cinematic rendezvous.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]