Orlando Shooting Carried Out By Just One Gunman? Gun Experts, Conspiracy Theorists Claim It’s Nearly Impossible

The mass shooting that took place at PULSE nightclub in Orlando, FL over the past weekend has left most Americans quite shaken for a number of reasons. Was it a hate crime, terrorist attack, or an underlying reason behind the whole ordeal? Could there be more to the story than the media is reporting?

As expected, most Americans mourning the loss of those who were fatally wounded during the mass shooting still find it highly disturbing that a person could do something so hateful to innocent people simply because of their sexual orientation. But, there are others who are voicing their concerns about the Orlando shooting from a totally different perspective.

Gun experts and conspiracy theorists have shared their concerns on social media, and most are arguing that certain aspects of the shooting just aren’t adding up. The main question: Was 29-year-old Omar Mateen the only gunman?

Since many of the 106 club patrons wounded were hit multiple times, presumably with an AR-15, gun experts claim it seems theoretically impossible for one gunman to do the extensive damage Omar Mateen reportedly did in such a short period of time.

Gun experts and conspiracy theorists claim either Omar Mateen had help or officers with the Orlando Police Department are responsible for wounding or killing club patrons while exchanging fire with the gunman, according to Danger and Play.

There have been many different stories circulating online about Omar Mateen’s personal life prior to the horrific Orlando nightclub shooting, reports the Washington Post. Mateen’s sexual orientation and religious stance have been major topics of discussion as many news analysts try to come up with a reason for the seemingly senseless act of intense rage and gruesome violence. But, other interesting analogies actually focus on the scientific and mathematical details of the shooting.

Many people have taken to social media with their mathematical concepts based on the ammunition used to injure such an overwhelming number of people. In addition to the questions about ammunition, there have also been other aspects of the ordeal that have been presented.

There’s also viral Facebook post circulating with an interesting breakdown of the details reportedly from an insider whose sister was badly injured during the shooting. Apparently, Omar Mateen is reportedly responsible for wounding most of the victims multiple times in a matter of seven minutes. Gun experts argue there is no way one man could unload as many magazines as Omar Mateen did during the shooting.

“The moment you realize the Attack in Orlando was misconstrued by the media, its d**n near impossible to get off a couple hundred rounds out of an AR-15 in 7 minutes. 53 people killed and 106 total injured or killed. Multiple gun shoot wounds, plus multiple people saying he fired in the air and ground a bunch yeah, okay. Then still had ammo for a fire fight with the cops. How did this man get into a club with an AR and a ammo can. Then, physically reload his weapon that many times in 7 minutes? Second shooter? Had stashed weapons in the club? Or a set up to push more gun control?

Conspiracy theorists and gun experts may be wrong, but the inconsistencies in the investigative reports have raised speculations about the true series of events that took place on that fateful night. While some news outlets have reported that Omar Mateen called 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS, which raised speculations about him being a radicalized Muslim, others claim he was nothing more than a closeted homosexual who battled with his sexuality and resorted to committed an extremely severe hate crime. So, at this point, only time will tell how the investigation turns out.

Do you think there was more than one shooter involved in the Orlando, FL shooting? Share your thoughts.

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