Morrissey Brands Donald Trump’s Response To Orlando Nightclub Shootings As ‘Anti-Gay’ And Praises Bernie Sanders As A ‘Savior’

Morrissey has branded Donald Trump’s response to the Orlando nightclub shootings as “anti-gay” and “pro-gun” and has described the true victory of the presidential race as being the independent success of Bernie Sanders.

Taking to his True To You blog to post a lengthy critique of Donald Trump’s reaction to the massacre in which 49 people were murdered, Morrissey writes that Trump’s pro-gun reaction to the tragedy was the presidential hopeful’s way of avoiding giving any words of support to the Orlando gay community.

Morrissey also adds that Trump, who he refers to as “Thump,” is guilty of suggesting that it is the Orlando victims’ “own fault” for “going into a nightclub without hand grenades.”

“Donald Thump, probably America’s next president, reacts to the Orlando massacre by explaining how, if the people within the club were themselves armed with guns, then there would have been fewer casualties.

“This, of course, is his way of avoiding any words of support to the Orlando gay community (it is their own fault for going into a nightclub without hand grenades). Donald Thump would therefore probably claim that the massacred children of Sandy Hook would still be alive today if only they’d had the common sense to carry sawn-off shotguns to school. The Thump response to Orlando is therefore anti-gay and pro gun possession… It’s all going so well for America!”

Morrissey adds that Trump’s only achievement is to make Sarah Palin seem intelligent, which he describes as a “colossal strike in his favor.”

In the same post, Morrissey also savages Orlando gunman Omar Mateen for his sickening hypocrisy.

“Although the gunman who massacred 49 people at an Orlando gay club is said to have been ‘repulsed’ by homosexuality, he nonetheless left behind a slew of self-adoring ‘selfies’; a handsome man gazing enchantedly at his own face.

“It is therefore acceptable for him to lovingly admire his own maleness, but it is not OK for other men to like other men. Does Islamic scripture say it is fitting for a man to sit alone taking adoring photographs of himself? I doubt it.”

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Morrissey also criticizes CNN for obliging the gunman’s twisted vanity and craven desire for his 15 minutes of fame with a “flashing flood of publicity.”

“This is all he ever wanted, and which will encourage the next shooter to prepare for international fame. Why show the gunman’s face? Nobody needs to see it.”

Turing his attentions to the presidential race, the British singer believes that 2016 ballot papers should include a “No Confidence In Either Nominee” box because it would receive the most votes.

“Clinton and Thump may be popular with the party faithful – but the party faithful aren’t that large, and are not America, therefore a sad day looms in November.”

Morrissey’s venom for Trump is equalled only by his admiration for Bernie Sanders who he describes as “the true victory of the presidential race.”

“Bernie Sanders’ approach has been so sane and intelligent and measured that he has been therefore all but entirely ignored by the U.S. media, who cannot understand anyone who is not blood-thirsty.

“This is because Bernie Sanders is human, and one who unusually did not gain his position because of several billion invested dollars. His many primary successes in the presidential race have been headlined as ‘Loss for Clinton’, whereas a Clinton win has not ever been headlined as ‘Loss For Sanders’.”

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Morrissey also accuses the media at large of ignoring Bernie Sanders because he is a man who wants real change for his country and is not in the habit of playing the media’s game and offering controversial soundbites and inflammatory opinions.

“Bernie Sanders has been pushed out by the media because the idea of a self-made man who does not crave international war is completely alien to such as Fox News. The idea of a man who is popular because he calls for world peace and for rescue of the environment cannot provide outraged headlines for CNN, who have devoted their online news page to Donald Thump long before Thump was even a logical contender.”

Morrissey suggests that the mainstream media blackout of Sanders seriously hindered his chances. He then suggests that people were fools for believing they lived in a democracy in the first place.

“Bernie Sanders could have saved America – had he been allowed his rightful share of media support. But, clearly, the presidential election really is none of your business. Did you ever seriously think it was?”

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