Selena Gomez No Longer Plans Marriage & Kids With Justin Bieber Amid Nicola Peltz Romance

Selena Gomez’s supposed plans to one day reconcile with Justin Bieber and have kids with him have been tarnished – at least that’s what reports are claiming.

The singer, who is currently headlining her Revival Tour in North America, is said to have made the decision to finally move on with her life, despite having allegedly told friends in the past that she could see herself getting back with Bieber in the near future.

According to reports, Selena and Justin both knew that they needed a break when they called it quits, but from what sources have said, Gomez is still in love with Justin and would’ve never ruled out a possible reunion with the “Company” hitmaker.

But things have changed in recent weeks, especially since Selena kicked off her tour. First and foremost, her hectic schedule has kept her doing everything but think about Justin whilst performing to thousands of fans every single night — and sources say it’s been really good for her; almost like therapy.

On top of that, Gomez is said to have heard about Justin’s latest romance with model Nicola Peltz, which didn’t sit too well with the 23-year-old, who also wasn’t happy about Bieber dating Hailey Baldwin when the couple confirmed that they were dating earlier this year, sources alleged.

And now, Selena just feels as if she needs to move forward with her life. Her career is doing better than ever, and while she supposedly once pictured herself getting back with Justin and settle down with the singer, she’s realized that Bieber hasn’t really changed from the person he was when the duo officially broke up.

Selena knows that she has definitely matured in the past two years, so much that she can call things the way she sees them. Getting back with Justin would be her biggest mistake, and could potentially see her spiral out of control seeing how badly she handled the breakup the first time around.

A source for Hollywood Life reveals, “Selena says she’s just over it with Justin now that he is dating Nicola Peltz. “She wants to be friends with him but it is hard to see him go through one relationship after the next.”

With that said, the insider further adds that this doesn’t mean the twosome can no longer stay friends. Though their friendship has been rocky in the last couple of months — allegedly because of Hailey Baldwin — Gomez will forever remain cordial with Justin for the fact that he played a significant part in her life. In fact, Justin is said to have been Selena’s first real boyfriend.

“Selena always fantasized about getting married and starting a family with him one day,” the insider added. But deep down, Gomez knows that being away from Justin is actually helping her grow as a person.

While Justin Bieber tends to have no problems when it comes to finding himself a new girlfriend, reports claim that Selena has remained single since her split from the Biebs. She may have gone on a couple of dates here and there, but she has yet to find someone who captivated her heart the way Justin did.

Do you think with Selena Gomez finally calling it quits with Justin Bieber for good, she’ll be better off?

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris and Kevin Winter/Getty Images]