Justin Bieber: ‘Rematch’ On Last Week’s Fight, Drake Record And Polaris Prize Nod

Justin Bieber has a lot on his hands this week. Remember that tall guy that the “Sorry” singer had a “thrilla” with last week over an autograph request that resulted into a Bieber takedown? That fight video has been all over the internet. Well, the guy is apparently back and asking for a rematch. Sort of, but more like a face-to-face, according to TMZ.

The source says that if this tête-à-tête doesn’t happen anytime soon, the 6? 5? tall dude who has been dubbed the “Cleveland Fighter” is threatening to take Justin Bieber to court. The “Cleveland Fighter,” whose actual name is Lamont Richmond, claims that he has been receiving death threats from Justin Bieber loyalists or the so-called Beliebers.

Richmond also claims that he lost his job as a result of the encounter he had with the 5? 7? tall singing sensation, whom he had kindly asked for an autograph. Truly, when you’re famous, lawsuits come your way pretty quickly. That is how the world works for celebrities, especially Justin Bieber. The ball is now on Bieber’s court after a formal letter was sent by Richmond to the megastar’s manager.

TMZ actually has a very funny suggestion for Justin Bieber in case future talks collapse: hire Richmond as a bodyguard. That sounds good. Anyway, Bieber is not one to worry about costs. What’s an extra bodyguard going to cost him when he can afford to pay $40,000 per night for a hotel? Besides, Lamont is really in a position to give Justin Bieber extra protection.

The tall dude has really proven himself the moment he brought down the frisky Biebs on the floor. And if Justin Bieber’s current bodyguards are any good, that ugly event last week would not have even happened in the first place. If those guards were fast enough, they could have done everything to avoid any possibility that Bieber’s face would sustain damage in any way. After all, his cute face is an all-important capital in a burgeoning enterprise.

True, Justin emerged unscathed in the attack, but what if the opposite happened? That would be like losing face literally, seeing the way Richmond can tackle an opponent from his sheer size.

Anyway, Justin’s big bro Drake has been earning lots of accolades lately, courtesy of his latest album VIEWS. And it’s not a small achievement according to Hiphop DX who says the following:

Drake has now been the top artist in the United States for six straight weeks, and this week’s honor now gives him 12 total weeks at the top. That’s the most for a male artist in Billboard’s history, according to the publication. Drizzy ranks at #1 on Billboard’s Artist 100 chart, surpassing Justin Bieber as the male artist with the most weeks on top of the list overall. Taylor Swift holds the all-time crown with 31 total weeks at the top of the chart.”

Should Justin Bieber feel jealous of his big bro? Probably not. To illustrate, when Drake went out with Haley Baldwin recently, the tabloids were trying to trigger a competition of some sort between the brothers. However, that didn’t seem to materialize, no matter how Baldwin has been linked many, many times with Justin Bieber.

Well, that’s why you call Justin and Drake’s bond The Hood, man. That brotherhood seems thicker than blood. But for Taylor Swift, who isn’t part of The Hood, but has her own girl squad — there’s a reason to be wary. For as weeks go by, Drake’s winning streak can possibly erase the “Shake It Off” singer’s 31-week record for holding the Billboard chart hostage. This is certainly one race that is so interesting to watch.

And by the way, Drake and Justin Bieber are both nominated for the 2016 Polaris Music Prize which, according to Pitchfork, honors the most outstanding album of the year by a Canadian artist. The prize will be given out on September 19 at the Polaris Music Prize Gala. The winner will reportedly receive $50,000. But what’s that to Drake or Justin Bieber? Whoever between them wins the prize will probably end up donating it to charity. Bieber has been outspoken lately about being leery of attending award ceremonies. But may the best man or woman win, as there are other candidates aside from Drake and Justin.

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