How The Web Moguls Live: Incredible Mansions Of The Top Tech Billionaires

The top 25 web moguls live in some of the most stunning mansions in the world. The vast fortunes amassed via online gaming experiences, search engine development, and social networking websites have allowed internet tech billionaires the ability to buy some of the most prestigious pieces of real estate around the globe, the Daily Mail reports.

Individuals who became billionaires through online endeavors have purchased call everything from “modern castles” to entire islands home. Zynga co-founder and CEO Mark Pincus recently purchased a $16 million San Francisco luxury residence. Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO purchased 98 percent of the Hawaiian Island of Lanai for $600 million. Ellison’s Lanai Island consists of 141 square miles of beautiful tropical views.

Sales of real estate with a $1 million or higher price tag have doubled during 2012, according to Business Insider. The sales in the Silicon Valley topped the usual luxury real estate leaders, Miami and Beverly Hills, this year.

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg lives in one of the most modest media billionaire residences. Zuckerberg bought a $7 million estate near the Facebook headquarters in 2011.

Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, lives in a $5.2 million property in Palo Alto. The house was once the site of a $30,000 per plate fundraising dinner for President Barack Obama.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ Xanadu 2.0 mansion is reportedly worth $121 million. The luxurious complex is located in Medina, Washington and encompasses 66,000 square-feet. Bill Gate’s swimming pool boasts an underwater stereo system and heated floors and driveways.

Google senior adviser Omid Kordestani purchased an apartment on Central Park West in New York City for $29.5 million. Kordesttani’s spacious apartment encompasses 5,416 square-feet. The Google executive’s luscious digs are reportedly now worth $70 million. co-founder and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, made billions of dollars when he sold Yahoo in 1999. Cuban built his own Texas 24,000 square foot estate for approximately $17.6 million. The mansion of one of the first “” billionaires is the currently the ninth most expensive house in Dallas.