Gretchen Rossi And Heather Dubrow Involved In ‘RHOC’ Feud On Instagram

Gretchen Rossi and Heather Dubrow feuded on Instagram this week after a Real Housewives of Orange County special aired on Bravo.

Ahead of next week’s Season 11 premiere, Bravo aired an uncensored special, and hours after the episode aired on Monday night, Gretchen Rossi took to her Instagram account, where she called out Dubrow for allegedly lying about the invites for her and Slade Smiley’s engagement party.

“Why would you lie about me not wanting you guys at the engagement party when I actually forwarded you the email from the producers showing that they made the decision not to have you girls come because it didn’t match their storyline?” Gretchen Rossi asked in a post addressed to Dubrow on June 14. “I have the response from you saying ‘Honey, its a TV show, they need to do what they need to do.'”

In response to Gretchen Rossi’s claim, Dubrow responded, also on Instagram, telling Gretchen Rossi that she wasn’t the only one who commented on Rossi’s storyline and that she was only trying to smooth things over since she wouldn’t let it go.

“I forwarded you the email 15 days after my engagement because Tamra said you guys were hurt I [didn’t] invite you guys. You saw with your won two eyes that Producers were the ones that didn’t want you girls there. For you and Tamra to say that I didn’t want you guys there is a flat out lie and you both knew it,” Gretchen Rossi continued, according to a report by Real Mr. Housewife on June 14. “You played it to your guys benefit to make me look bad… You went on a national TV show and smeared my name along with others, so I have every right to call you out publicly as well!”

Gretchen Rossi continued on, claiming that if posting the email sent to her by Dubrow was the only way to clear her name, she wouldn’t hesitate to do so.

Gretchen Rossi joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County during the show’s fourth season following the exits of Quinn Fry and Tammy Knickerbocker. At the time, Gretchen Rossi was the fiancée of the late Jeff Beitzel, who tragically passed away after a battle with leukemia in 2008.

Although Gretchen Rossi continued on with the series for a few more seasons, and eventually began dating Slade Smiley, the former fiancé of original cast member Jo de la Rosa, both she and Lydia McLaughlin left the show after Season 8 and were replaced by Lizzie Rovsek and Shannon Beador.

During her final season with the show, Season 8, Gretchen Rossi planned an elaborate proposal on the top of a building in Los Angeles for Smiley which played out during one of the season’s most dramatic episodes. However, not everyone was buying Gretchen Rossi’s desire to wed, and many suspected that she staged the event in an effort to convince producers to keep her on the show.

One person who expressed her suspicions over Gretchen Rossi’s proposal was her former co-star, Tamra Judge.

“I remember having a conversation with [Gretchen Rossi] and I said to her, ‘You’re not doing anything. You’ve got nothing going on with your life. You have no kids, you’re not married,’ and lo and behold she came up with this big plan to propose to Slade,” Tamra Judge said in a clip from the special, via E! News on June 13.

[Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images]