Jennifer Lawrence Set For Her Most Controversial Role Yet

Jennifer Lawrence has made her mark as a notable actress in Hollywood and continues to impress with her choice of roles, now leaning more towards roles representing powerful and notable females.

Her most recent role involves taking on the life of Elizabeth Holmes, noting the rise and fall of the wealthy CEO. Holmes, as shared by Marie Claire, was the richest self-made woman thanks to her “pioneering medical company, Theranos.”

Holmes founded the company in 2003 which was a biotech company that was to be revolutionary on the medical landscape with an advanced blood-testing system.

The Independent relays how Jen is the perfect star to take on the role.

“And who should bring to life such a complex, and fascinating, woman? It looks as if the Oscar-winning behemoth of acting Jennifer Lawrence herself has stepped up to the plate, set to both star and produce alongside McKay; who is himself writing and directing the film… With McKay landing the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for The Big Short, this seems like perfect material for the actress; it’s rare to see the life of a woman so fascinatingly flawed as Holmes in Hollywood’s oeurve, and Lawrence’s own history of bold career choices is bound to result in intense awards speculation upon its release.”

As the publication relays, Holmes owned 50 percent of the company and was recently ranked by Forbes as America’s richest self-made woman. Her estimated net worth was as high as $4.5 billion. The company Theranos, however, is now in hot water and under investigation following allegations of the company’s blood-testing devices giving inaccurate results. Due to the controversy, Holmes’ net worth has fallen to nil.

The film will be produced by Adam McKay (The Big Short) and Jennifer Lawrence is set to not only star but also take on a role in production to bring the controversial film to the big screen. As the publication relays, “all it needs now is a studio to back it, which judging by both the subject matter and A-list names attached, we doubt will take long.”

In additional Jennifer Lawrence news, on top of being one of the most respected female actresses of the day, she has also gained quite the reputation for her incredibly fun and zany sense of humor during interviews and on set. Liam Hemsworth shared a little anecdote about a memorable onset experience when Lawrence bridged the topic of sex and kangaroos immediately before the cameras began rolling.

While on the Graham Norton Show, the Australian actor shared the silly words of the highest-paid actress in the world, which would throw him off before a take.

“‘She often, right before a take, would turn to me and ask if I liked having sex with kangaroos,’ Hemsworth says. ‘Anything along those lines.'”

Refinery29 make note of a pretty hilarious detail in the exchange which Hemsworth shares between himself and Jennifer Lawrence.

“Notice that she didn’t ask him whether or not he did have sex with kangaroos, but whether or not he liked having sex with kangaroos. That’s expert-level trolling from the highest paid actress in the world.”

Jennifer Lawrence has been a hot topic over the years she has been notable in the entertainment business. Her ability to simply be who she is as silly and charismatic as that might be, without regard for opinion on her behavior, makes her one of a kind. In addition, she speaks her mind intelligently on a number of poignant issues from body shaming to gender pay gap and has earned respect around the globe in this regard. She is truly an admirable and beloved star who continues to impress.

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for VICE Media, LLC]