Jennifer Aniston: The Truth About Her Flawless Locks And Unfortunate Beauty Choices

Although fans and Aniston enthusiast look at Jen in reverence of her gorgeous, sleek locks, surprisingly, the star refers to her hair as the “bane” of her existence. In an interview, as Brit + Co relays, Aniston speaks about her struggles to get her hair to the perfect state we as onlookers see it as.

“My hair is, like, the bane of my life. I’m always thinking about how to tame it. I always think it’s too dry, too frizzy, too kinky and it’s, like, everyone loves it.”

It’s clear that she is not wrong about everyone loving her hair as women the world over struggle to achieve the look of Jen’s glossy mane. However, Aniston assures everyone that they are not alone on their quest as she too struggles to get her hair to the picture-perfect state. She admits that all the rave comments about the hair she steps out with to events or on to movie sets with, are all owed to her team of stylists.

“The team and hairstylists — I owe it all to them. I can’t take credit.”

The actress went on to explain that the public’s favorable view of her is really not due to the hair itself as it is because of her self-confidence and willingness to simply be herself. She also notes that following trends is a no-go for her as she really has no idea what she is doing when it comes to stepping up her fashion game.

“Now I play it safe, and I don’t like to follow trends because I just don’t know what I’m doing.”

In playing it safe, Jen sure is doing things right because she is lovely on all fronts. In an additional chat with Elle, Aniston was sure to share what she does on her own to keep her hair healthy and conditioned in easy steps. The star has always been a lover of Living Proof and stands by that in the routine she elaborates on.

“[Living Proof] is just a perfect product and they’ve just come out with a humidity shield, and for me it’s incredible. Also the Night Cap, that is something that you put on at night or just around the house, it smells so good. You put it in your hair and it absorbs it. And the new Blowout which you spray in right before you blow dry. It has UV protection and chlorine protection. I do my color once a month, just a touch-up every four weeks. But I’m trying not to color it right now and give it a break.”

And although we all love Jennifer Aniston’s style and it’s undeniably the reason droves of fans have looked to her for style inspiration, she still admits to beauty choices and trends that she wishes she never followed. The beauty choice that stand out most as a big no-no for Jen was detailed by the star.

“Bleach out my eyebrows, I will never do that again. It was my first Cosmopolitan cover and Kevyn Aucoin was doing my makeup, and all of a sudden I had white foam on my eyebrows. It was a real look in the 90s, and it looks gorgeous if you’re Linda Evangelista. I was so new and naïve in the business, I didn’t know that I could say ‘no.’ I had to paint in my eyebrows for three months with brown shadow.”

Regardless of Jennifer Aniston’s views of her own fashion, beauty and hair battles, she remains just as stunning and flawless as she did the day she first graced our TV screens on the hit show Friends, back in the 90s.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]