'The 100' Season 4 Spoilers: Octavia And Bellamy To Become Enemies?

Alexandria Ingham

The 100 Season 4 may not premiere until January 2017, but fans want spoilers and information. One of those is whether Octavia and Bellamy will get their bond back. After Season 3, the two were left with a strained relationship, as Octavia blamed Bellamy for Lincoln's death.

— saskia (@saskia_marleen) June 12, 2016

Marie Avergopoulos, who plays Octavia, has said that Octavia and Bellamy will not get their relationship back, and instead go the other way. The two will have a war, as Octavia becomes darker with everything that she has been through. It will not be easy for her, as she will remember everything her brother has done for her. He helped hide her and tried to help her get to a dance; that unfortunately led to her and her mother being caught and her mother being floated.

Bellamy is her family and is meant to be someone she can count on. This will cause a clash with her thoughts, as she remembers everything he has done since they got to Earth.

— melty.de (@melty_de) June 9, 2016

While Bellamy has been protective, Octavia is now struggling to know who to trust. She isn't a Grounder, but she no longer feels like one of the Sky Crew. She wants to be a Grounder, seeing some of the freedoms they have, and it will mean that she goes off on her own this season, a lot more than she has in the past.

She also made a huge decision at the end of The 100 Season 3 by killing Pike. This death may have turned her heart cold, despite it being revenge for Lincoln's death. Now that Lincoln has been avenged and the battle is over, she will be able to mourn him, taking her down a darker path.

While Avergopoulos has hinted war, Bob Morley, who plays Bellamy, has said that he would like to see the two reconnect and get back what they once had. He wants Octavia to let Bellamy in, but he does admit that his own character needs to change. It is time for Bellamy to admit that Octavia isn't a little girl under the floorboards anymore. She doesn't need him protecting her all the time, and he needs to show to Octavia that he trusts her judgment and knows what she is capable of.

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An official release date for The 100 Season 4 hasn't been confirmed yet, but it will likely be sometime in January 2017.

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