Ozzy Osbourne Fears Losing Voice, As Black Sabbath Nears Last Ever Tour Date

In the wake of his marriage difficulties with Sharon, Ozzy Osbourne has again hit the road, rejoining Black Sabbath for the band’s last ever tour. Between reconciling with Sharon and the thought of forever hanging up his microphone, the Black Sabbath singer is certainly under more than his fair share of stress, but is it enough to cause his voice to fail him at a crucial moment? Ozzy thinks so.

Black Sabbath Singer Ozzy Osbourne Worries That His Voice Will Fail


Osbourne recently talked about his anxieties in performing live and, after so many decades of entertaining before live audiences, Ozzy says he has all of the kinks worked out of his performance, yet he adds that he does worry about just one thing. It seems Mr. Osbourne has an unfounded fear of losing his voice while performing live, or maybe it’s not quite so unfathomable. Ozzy says he’s seen it happen to others.

“I’m just hoping that my voice doesn’t blow out, you know? Like, if you’re playing a guitar and the guitar breaks, you can just get another one, but a singer’s only got one voice,” says the Black Sabbath singer. “People say that you can fix it with Pro Tools or whatever, but no, not me! I have every damn thing before I go on stage — tea, steam machines, throat sprays, lozenges, chewing gum. Everything!”

It’s no myth or superstition, says Osbourne. He has previously said that he listens to recordings of his own singing from years earlier – 1998’s “No More Tears” for example – and says his voice had a much higher range in those younger days. He admits sharing his fears with classic rocker Bob Seger, who confirmed his suspicion. Seger told Ozzy that they all have problems. He also revealed to Osbourne that the Queen of Pop herself doesn’t even risk it on her tours.

“There’s a lot of people doing a lot of trickery, with f—–g machines and everything. Like a friend of mine went to see Madonna, and apparently she does the whole f—–g thing lip-sync,” Seger told the Black Sabbath singer.

The Talk‘s Sharon Osbourne Caught Fangirling Husband Ozzy Osbourne

There’s a segment of the Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne following that are now thinking that the drama of Sharon catching Ozzy in the midst of an extramarital affair may have all been a publicity stunt. Fans are suspicious of the events, especially in light of the news that Ozzy Osbourne will be the focus of a new reality show, along with son, Jack.

Adding fuel to that fire, Sharon was caught watching backstage, as Ozzy performed at a recent Black Sabbath concert. She’s his manager as well as his wife, so it’s only reasonable to assume Sharon would be watching the show, right? A reasonable argument to be sure, but photographs of the incident show the Talk co-host grinning from ear to ear and really loving the sight of Ozzy entertaining fans.

Still, Sharon reminded the press at a Black Sabbath press conference that supporting Ozzy Osbourne was her job as his manager, even at a time when their marriage may be failing.

“It’s business. This is my business, you know? This is what I do. People have forgotten, because they see me every day on the chat show, but this is still the other half of my life.”

One can’t deny that this is Sharon’s business and has been for as long as either of them can probably remember, but that doesn’t mean Ms. Osbourne isn’t still enthralled by her husband. After all, divorce papers haven’t been filed yet.

Besides, that smile conveys more than any words.

[Image by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for MTV]