Justin Bieber Slams Hollywood Life Site Over ‘Untruthful,’ ‘Hurtful’ Stories

Update: Justin Bieber’s efforts to mobilize his fan base to shut down the disreputable gossip website Hollywood Life has led to the blog deleting three fabricated stories on its site.

Original Report:

Justin Bieber has had enough of the notorious gossip website, Hollywood Life.

In an Instagram post shared late Tuesday night, the superstar asking his fans to spam the site and start a petition to get the outlet shut down. As a result, the hashtag “ShutDownHollywoodLife” trended briefly on Twitter.

Bieber’s statement reads, “The website Hollywood Life is untruth and hurtful let’s spam them and petition to shut them down! GO!!” His caption additionally asked of Beliebers “Let’s spam and petition to shut this garbage website down.” Fans duly left comments at the gossip site and online.

It’s unlikely the shutdown mission will succeed, but it does show the level of frustration the 22-year-old superstar feel and has previously expressed about a gossip site which is regularly called out by watchdog site Gossip Cop for making bogus claims. Notably, Hollywood Life topped Gossip Cop’s “Worst Outlet In Celebrity Journalism” list back in November 2014.

For those not sure they can relate, here’s a question: How would you feel if you thought someone was continually lying about you for profit, publicly?

24 hours. they are obsessed. #shutdownhollywoodlife pic.twitter.com/8saAy9mPbX

— felicia (@feliciavdw) June 15, 2016

Well, then start the petition and I will gladly sign in @justinbieber pic.twitter.com/ozVmODfTya

— Kim Anderson (@seanstinfan) June 15, 2016

#ShutDownHollywoodLife @HollywoodLife :) pic.twitter.com/TRbqj90EJw

— purpose (@wahbiebs) June 15, 2016

As the Inquisitr has reported, Hollywood Life has a long history of churning out provably fabricated stories about Bieber, his former girlfriend, Selena Gomez, and other celebrities. Gomez herself previously slammed Hollywood Life’s stories about her as “never true” and “the worst.” Bieber’s model pal, Hailey Baldwin, and the singer, Austin Mahone, have also ripped the site over fake claims.

Although Bieber has criticized Hollywood Life before, his new protest was likely triggered by the site’s most recent posts about him.

In one story, headlined “Gigi Hadid Warns Nicola Peltz About Justin Bieber: He’s A Heartbreaker,” the site claims Hadid has warned Peltz about seeing Bieber. That claim is likely to be false, but it taps into the romance rumors generated by sightings of the Transformers actress with Bieber in his native Canada earlier this week.

In line with Hollywood Life’s long-standing negative Bieber-narrative, another recent report alleged sources said Bieber is “infatuated” with Peltz and “wanted” her even while he was seeing Hailey Baldwin earlier this year.

In reality, Bieber stopped dating Baldwin by February, and the two are still friends. Baldwin was spotted at one of the Biebs’ Purpose Tour shows in Brooklyn, New York after they split up. In addition, Hailey’s Instagram activities show she is still (as is her habit) “liking” posts shared by Bieber, even after news of him spending time with Peltz was first reported at the end of May.

Earlier this month, Gossip Cop debunked a ridiculous Hollywood Life story claiming Bieber had “dissed” Gomez by not paying “homage” to her in his recently released emojis app, which features a set of Justmojis.

In its story, HL wrote, “Throwing MAJOR shade at his former flame, Justin noticeably left Selena out of his Justmoji collection and it’s so awkward it hurts! He even made a point of featuring many of his famous tattoos — but…left out the one he has of Selena’s face. Talk about a burn!”

In a scathing report, Gossip Cop countered, “Please. It makes zero sense for Bieber to include his former girlfriend in a set of emojis. He wasn’t ‘dissing’ Gomez, ‘throwing MAJOR shade,’ or doing a ‘burn.’ There was just no reason for the Justmojis to reference his love life, particularly a relationship that ended quite some time ago.”

Gossip Cop added that “it could be argued that it would be weird if Bieber HAD created a Gomez emoji, given their largely separate lives.”

Last May, Bieber shared a blistering post about Hollywood Life after the site claimed that Hillsong Church — the megachurch he supports — was trying to arrange a marriage between him and Gomez, who also attends Hillsong.

“Hollywood Life is the most outrageous fake weird non factual garbage website I’ve ever seen,” the then 21-year-old stated on Instagram, alongside a screenshot of the site’s headline.

Explaining why he finally spoke up, Bieber went on, “They literally make up whatever they want and usually I don’t care, but this one is so ridiculous I had to say something. Don’t go to their website and give them any traffic.”

The heartthrob subsequently deleted his Instagram posting, but not before it was picked up by media outlets and commented on by Bieber fans.

The catalog of fabricated claims reported by Hollywood Life about Bieber, Gomez, and other stars goes on and on, and the gossip site shows no signs of stopping. Suffice it to say, Justin Bieber is evidently sick and tired of his name and life being exploited for clickbait by a blog which doesn’t appear to care about accuracy, fact, or respecting the intelligence of its readers.

Unfortunately, self-policing and ethics are very low priorities for the gossip sector of the news cycle, which is why online journalism and entertainment news as a whole is in its current state.

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