Infamous For Anti-Gay Stance, Chick-Fil-A Extends Compassion To Orlando Massacre Victims

Chick-Fil-A is a franchise known nationally to have an owner with a strong disapproval for gay marriages. This is why, as DC Gazette reported, many may find it shocking that the franchise opened their heart and their door as they offered free food during the blood drive following the massacre which took place at the LGBT nightclub, Pulse, in Orlando.

The Atlanta-based restaurant chain became the center of controversy in 2012 after CEO Dan Cathy commented publicly about “traditional marriage.” This controversial stance had inspired countless protests and calls from the LGBT community to boycott this beloved fast food establishment, which prompted Cathy to release a statement, “I’m going to leave it to politicians and others to discuss social issues.”

A Chick-Fil-A in Orlando located at University and Rouse Road made the decision to fire up their grills on Sunday, following the Orlando Pulse massacre. Since the beginning of the franchise, Chick-Fil-A has been firm in serving their community while still upholding their religious convictions and remaining closed on Sundays. Founder Truett Cathy decided to enact this policy so that families can attend church services as well as spend the day with their families, as noted in their company’s corporate purpose.

“To glorify God by being a faithful steward to all that is entrusted to us. To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A.”

Despite the day of the week, employees of this particular Chick-Fil-A took this purpose to heart this weekend as they went to work on Sunday grilling and frying hundreds of their chicken sandwiches and brewing dozens of gallons of their sweet tea to go with it. With compassion in their hearts and staying true to ideals set forth by the franchise’s founder, they set out with a purpose to bring aid to Orlando in their time of need.

Instead of profiting in the wake of the Orlando massacre, Chick-Fil-A made the decision to box up the sandwiches and the tea and take them to the One Blood donation center. The crew quickly set up a place to hand out a hot chicken sandwich and a cold drink to anyone who was donating blood that day.

DC Gazette goes on to report that they are shocked to see the compassion of this franchise to open their doors and their hearts to show compassion to the LGBT community following the Orlando massacre, despite being known to be anti-gay and anti-work on Sundays.

The founders of this franchise may not approve of the lifestyle of the victims who were in the club during the massacre. However, as Christians, they made the decision to offer the free food and drinks during the blood drive because they believed you do not have to agree with people to care about them.

Chick-Fil-A took their help, support, and compassion a step farther and made the decision to offer coupons for free frosted lemonades to anyone who comes to the Well Roads location in Orange Park to donate blood while the One Bloom mobile unit is at their store on Tuesday, June 14.

In a world perpetuated by big business cutting wages and earning higher profits, companies like Chick-Fil-A have spent 70 years holding fast to their family values, living in service to their customers, their franchised Restaurant Operators, Team Members, and communities they live in. Chick-fil-A currently has over 2,000 locations in 43 states and Washington D.C, with annual sales in 2015 that exceeded $6 billion. All of this while remaining privately held and family owned, according to their website.

Users on Twitter responded with nothing but kind words and praises in response to the way Chick-Fil-A offered free food to those donating blood to the victims of the Orlando massacre.

One user praised Chick-Fil-A for knowing when to open and close their doors.

A second user praised the franchise for flying their flag at half-mast out of respect for the victims of the massacre.

A third Twitter user praised the company for showing “Christian love” to the victims of the massacre.

A fourth user praised the franchise as their favorite place to eat.

How do you feel about Chick-Fil-A putting their anti-gay stance aside and helping the victims of the Orlando massacre?

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