‘Good Bones’ Star Mina Starsiak Married Over The Weekend

Congratulations are in order for Mina Starsiak Hawk, who co-hosts the popular new HGTV series Good Bones with her mother, Karen E. Laine. She tied the knot with Stephen Hawk on Saturday, June 11 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mina posted to Instagram a photo of the happy couple with a caption that says, “This is my favorite picture of the whole night (so far). @srhawk2003 & I worked our butts off for 11 dance lessons with the amazing @kathleenilo at Starlite Ballroom to put together our first dance together and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.”

Karen posted to their Two Chicks and a Hammer Facebook page, “Thank you to all the people who sent congratulations, good vibes and blessings to my baby chick on her wedding day. Of course she chose a venue that is still under construction, but I love this picture of her and think you will too.”

Mina responded with, “Thanks Mom! And thank you to all the awesome people who helped make the day come together!!! I could have never done it alone, and would never want to!!!”

According to the newlyweds’ wedding website, Steve sent Mina on a type of scavenger hunt before he proposed. He was waiting for her, ring in hand, at the 50-yard line of the Colts training field. Mina went on to say that Steve said, “awesome lovely stuff that was all a blur to both of us, I said yes, and the rest is history.”

Fans of Good Bones will be pleased to know that the show has been renewed, and since the show is currently in production and since filming resumes on Monday, Mina and Steve’s honeymoon seems to be temporarily on hold. According to TV Series Finale, HGTV has ordered 12 episodes for the second season, which is expected to air sometime in January 2017.

This mother and daughter house flipping team isn’t afraid to tackle the most neglected and run-down homes. As long as the structure has “good bones,” they are able to perform their magic by taking homes down to the studs, where they then begin extensive renovations using new floor plans, designs, and finishes. Now that Mina is married, perhaps her new husband will make an appearance on Good Bones.

Real Screen shared that Laine, a former defense attorney and Starsiak-Hawk, a real estate agent, usually purchase properties in the Indianapolis area that have been condemned or are scheduled for demolition. These two are not afraid to get their hands dirty, and they also run their own thriving construction business aptly named Two Chicks and a Hammer.


USA Today shared that for the first season of Good Bones, the production schedule quadrupled their workload. With even more episodes ordered for the new season of Good Bones, the mother-daughter duo will be under even more pressure. Last season on Good Bones they seemed to handle everything thrown their way with grace, style, and lots of laughter.

“This pace is not a pace I’m familiar with,” Laine remarked during their first season on Good Bones. “Now, the production company has done it before. They are experts. I’m going to rely on their expertise and my ability to work like a donkey, and we’re going to be fine.”

With their first season of filming Good Bones under their belt, they’ve undoubtedly learned a lot about production, and a few extra episodes added on to the new season of Good Bones hopefully won’t overwhelm them or their crew, which includes Mina’s brother, Thad Starsiak. Only time will tell concerning how much they will be able to accomplish, after all, complete renovations cost a lot of time and money.

Are you a fan of Good Bones? Leave your congratulations, thoughts and opinions below. Good Bones is currently airing reruns of the first season, just check your local listings.

[Image via HGTV/Facebook]