Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Finally Agree To Join Forces To ‘Stop Donald Trump’

Hillary Clinton may have defeated Bernie Sanders, but he did not go down without a fight. Now that their battle is over, they have finally decided to put aside their differences and focus on what some may call an even more pressing issue than which of the two will take the Democratic candidacy; that is, making sure the ultra-conservative Donald Trump does not take the Presidency. Accordingly, reports a press release tweeted by political reporter Zeke Miller, Hillary and Bernie have agreed to sit down with each other in the near future and discuss their options for “taking down the enemy.”

“Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders agreed to meet when she called him last Tuesday night,” the release reads. “She looks forward to the opportunity to discuss how they can advance their shared commitment to a progressive agenda, and work together to stop Donald Trump in the general election.”

One can assume that Hillary Clinton and her opponent, Sanders (who is technically, but not practically, still in the running), when they formulate a strategy to take on Trump, will need to do some compromising. After all, although Clinton and Sanders are technically of the same political party, their stances differ on a wide variety of hot-button policy issues, such as immigration, healthcare reform, taxation on big banks, and social security. It is important for Clinton and Sanders to work together in order to devise stances on the issues that will remain acceptable for Hillary Clinton’s existing voters while winning over as many Sanders supporters as possible to the Clinton campaign.

Obviously, since it looks overwhelmingly likely Hillary Clinton will win the nomination, she is in the more powerful political position, and it is therefore likely Bernie will have to do most of the compromising. Clinton should keep in mind, however, that Bernie Sanders had better numbers in the polls against Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton did when Bernie was still in the running, a fact that social media trumpeted almost constantly – social media users are a heavily liberal crowd.


On the other hand, Donald Trump’s campaign has been, and likely will continue to be, famously devoid of policy-based content. Does that mean that constructing winning policies is not the most effective way for Sanders and Hillary Clinton to engineer a victory for the former First Lady and Secretary of State? Again, winning over some of Sanders’ voter base will be helpful, but the main focus of the meeting may be for Sanders and Hillary to adapt their campaign tactics more to the level of what Donald Trump’s campaign is doing. Not only could Hillary’s adopting more Donald-like techniques, such as smear campaigns and grandiose, ultimately unachievable promises (giant wall, anyone?) enable Clinton to win over some Trump supporters, but it will allow her to more easily expose Trump’s political weaknesses, which Vox says he has many of due to his lack of political experience or knowledge.

Many politicos and members of the general public may decry this idea and insist that the Democratic nominee should continue to take the high road if she or he is to defeat Mr. Trump, as many have already been bemoaning the idea that Trump’s “dirty campaign tactics” may signal the beginning of the end of civilized politics as we know them. It is possible, though, that the only way to fight fire is with more fire. It is likely one of the topics Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will discuss in their meeting.

Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders Anti-Donald Trump Meeting
Donald Trump at a rally in New Hampshire on July 13. [Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images]
As the press release said, Clinton talked to Sanders a week ago to arrange a meeting, but the exact time Hillary and Bernie will have that meeting is unclear.

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