NBA Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics To Trade No. 3 Pick, Perhaps For Chicago Bulls’ Jimmy Butler

Will the Chicago Bulls take the No. 3 pick off the Boston Celtics’ hands? One big NBA trade rumor suggests the Celtics are hoping the Chicago Bulls will take them up on an offer for Jimmy Butler. How much are the Celtics willing to give up for the Bulls’ two-time NBA all-star?

What are the Boston Celtics willing to take for the No. 3 pick?

News that the Celtics were aggressively shopping their first of three draft picks did not catch anyone by surprise. It was reported by CSN New England’s A. Sherrod Blakely that the Boston Celtics are hoping to land a star player with the No. 3 pick. Their number one offseason target is Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant. Since Durant is a free agent, the Celtics do not need to relinquish assets in order to woo him.

“I’m hearing that No. 3 pick overall is the one that they are really shopping. (They are) trying to be as aggressive as possible in trying to move that pick, because they want to get a difference-making, impact player right now. And they believe using that No. 3 pick, and maybe some other players and/or picks, might be the best way to [make] that happen.”

As far as a trade is concerned, the Boston Celtics are hot after the Chicago Bulls’ Jimmy Butler. Butler has been on their list for a long time it seems.

“The guys that they want are the guys that everybody wants. We’re talking about [Kevin] Durant, we’re talking about Jimmy Butler, those type of players. And those guys are going to be at the top of their wish list until those guys say, ‘We don’t want to come to Boston.’ “

Boston is not the only team who will be vying for Kevin Durant. It is expected that the Oklahoma City Thunder will make a strong push to keep him. Miami, Dallas, and Golden State are among the litany of teams who will bring him in for a visit.

The Celtics are also not the only team who has interest in Jimmy Butler. ESPN’s Marc Stein is reporting that the Minnesota Timberwolves also are intrigued with the idea of putting together an offer for the Bulls’ shooting guard. What gives the Celtics a slight edge in trade discussion with the Bulls is that they can guarantee the Bulls an opportunity at drafting Providence point guard Kris Dunn.

It is no secret how high the Chicago Bulls are on Dunn. They see him as a dynamic scorer in the vein of Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving and Portland’s Damian Lillard. Dunn can create shots off the dribble and get his teammates involved in the offense.

Kris Dunn’s size and athleticism is what has the Bulls’ attention. The Bulls’ desire to have him may cost them Jimmy Butler, but there is a potential long-term gain at stake.

Trading Butler may be what is best for the Chicago Bulls’ locker room. Also, Dunn’s potential as a pro rates as high as former MVP Derrick Rose prior to his knee injuries.

The Boston Celtics wants to grab a star. And while trading the No. 3 pick would cost them an opportunity to get someone with Dunn’s ceiling, they have an abundance of young players, including Marcus Smart. Getting older, experienced stars is the Celtics’ immediate agenda. They have spent the past three seasons grooming players. After making the NBA Playoffs the last two years, the Celtics are thinking NBA title contention. Adding young players, three of them, unless they draft a foreign player to stash overseas would be oxymoronic to do.

Getting the Chicago Bulls to give up Jimmy Butler will cost the Boston Celtics a lot more than their No. 3 pick. Boston is aware of this and would be willing to part with just about anyone on the roster except for Isaiah Thomas, Jared Sullinger, and Smart. Kelly Olynyk may also be a player whom the Celtics may want to keep because of his shooting touch on the perimeter. That makes him a valuable commodity to the Celtics. But to get the Bulls’ Jimmy Butler, the Celtics may move him.

Could the Boston Celtics offer the Chicago Bulls a package consisting of the No. 3 pick and No. 23 picks, guard Avery Bradley, and small forward Jae Crowder get a deal done?

For the Bulls to accept any deal, the Celtics would have to include Bradley. The defensive-minded guard, along with the likely pick of Kris Dunn, would give the Bulls the backcourt of the future in the event Derrick Rose left via trade or free agency. Getting back Jimmy Butler would offset the Celtics’ loss of Bradley and count as a huge gain.

Jimmy Butler’s size and ability to defend four positions is difficult to find. His knack for scoring makes him one of the top-four two-way players in basketball. LeBron James, Klay Thompson and Kahwi Leonard are the others. Butler’ size also makes things easier for Isaiah Thomas.

Thomas, who is listed at 5-9, can get his shot off against most players in the NBA. Butler is a player who also draws a double-team. Both of them on the floor together will free up at least one of them.

It all means nothing if the Bulls refuse to deal Jimmy Butler. Trading him would save the Bulls money which they could use in free agency to go after Hassan Whiteside, Al Horford or perhaps Dwight Howard. Adding Kris Dunn to that mix will minimize the time spent on rebuilding the roster.

As for the Boston Celtics, they are hoping to move the No. 3 pick. The Celtics would be fine if they did not make a trade at all, but they want to win now, not tomorrow. The Chicago Bulls are looking at winning tomorrow.

Can the Celtics convince the Bulls to part with Jimmy Butler for the No. 3 pick, which could turn into Kris Dunn? The clock is ticking.

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