Kevin Durant: Governor Of Oklahoma To Give NBA Player Cabinet Position If He Stays With Thunder

Kevin Durant is getting all sorts of offers to stay with the Thunder. Offers are emerging from all over the place, and Durant and fans alike are probably torn on what to do. Durant can learn and gain more experience if he decides to move around to a different team, but the state of Oklahoma isn’t making it very easy for him. Of course, it is up to Durant and what he wants to do, but the Governor of Oklahoma just made an almost unbeatable offer to make him one of her cabinet members. Obviously, Oklahoma really loves their sports.


According to ESPN, Mary Fallin, the Governor of Oklahoma, stated during a Q and A for the Oklahoma’s press Association’s annual convention that she would be more than willing to offer him a post on her Government cabinet if the all-star chooses to stay with the State’s team, her exact choice of words were the following.

“If Kevin Durant thinks about leaving, which I hope he doesn’t — Oklahoma loves Kevin Durant, and Kevin Durant loves Oklahoma. But if he’ll stay, I’ll make him a Cabinet person for health and fitness on my Cabinet,”

Durant will fall into the category of being a free agent come the first of July, which is also the first day that teams can legally begin their communication with free agents. No one is sure what he will choose to do, but we are all sure of one thing, no state can offer him such a sweet deal as Oklahoma.

Kevin Durant aided the Thunder to be just short of grasping the conference finals, being kicked from the bracket by the Golden State Warriors, the presence of Kevin Durant is definitely a plus and they want to keep him on board.

Once again from ESPN, they reported that due to the elimination that a two-year return contract with an option to return to being a free agent was more than likely a scenario that Durant would look into. However, with the skill level of Kevin Durant, it is hard to say if he will bite into that offer or if he will decide to spread his wings and look into other options.

He is expected to, however, meet with various teams and their managers to discuss recruitment, signaling his own uncertainty at where he wants to go. But from a business aspect, what he is doing is ideal in getting the best choices. While pitting other teams against each other in a bidding war, Durant could get the price tag he wants and deserves. The Warriors and the Spurs are probably the two biggest choices to pull him away from his current team, the Oklahoma Thunder.

The Governor of Oklahoma did acknowledge that her offer may not be as attractive and lucrative as a couple of extra million dollars, but it is still an honorable post and would continue to exemplify his love for the state of Oklahoma and its fans.


There are no clues as to where Durant will end up from looking at his personal website,, but speculation points to either staying with the Thunder or traveling to the Warriors or the Spurs.

The Inquisitr reported on the earlier rumors of Kevin Durant possibly leaving the Thunder for the Spurs; however, this is all speculation and water cooler talk, but anything is possible at this point in time regarding Durant.

Are you a fan of the Oklahoma Thunder or a fan of Durant? Will you follow Kevin Durant if he joins a different team or will you stick with the Thunder as your favorite team? Let us know in a comment below what you feel.

[AP Photo by Marcio Jose Sanchez]