WWE News: Huge Update On Enzo Amore And Colin Cassady, Could They Both Be In For A Big Push?

WWE Superstars Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady have become very popular since heading to the main roster. Fans of WWE NXT will say they have been over for quite some time and knew they would be huge on the main roster. They have been correct thus far. Fans have taken well to them pretty much since they arrived. All it took was one good promo from Enzo and the presence of Big Cass to truly help them.

On top of that, the sympathy we had for Enzo after his recent injury only made fans love the team more once Enzo was healthy enough to return. While Amore was out with a concussion, Big Cass cleaned house and was able to show that he very well could be a future star in the business. It was then that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon saw a lot in Cass, because of course he would. Cass is a big man, which Vince can't get enough of. Cass did stand out in the ring as a much better performer than most at his size, which is surely helpful for him compared to others Vince has liked in the past.

Just because McMahon likes Cass a lot, it does not automatically mean he's against Enzo like some have assumed. According to Daily Wrestling News, although he likes Cass McMahon also feels that Enzo may have the most to do with the two getting over since they have arrived. McMahon is said to be high on Enzo a lot since his return from injury, which makes total sense. Ever since he returned, they have gotten huge reactions across the country.

Cass Enzo SmackDown
[Image via WWE]There was some worry that due to Vince liking the individuals that he might want to split them in the upcoming WWE Draft. However, that probably won't be happening. The thought is that their merchandise sales have been really high, so Vince may not want to split them knowing they'll sell better as a package deal for now.

On top of this, Vince is said to be very supportive of Enzo's music career. After a meeting with McMahon, Amore headed back to the studio to record some new rap music. He happens to be the one who performs the duo's current entrance theme and he very well could do others in the future. McMahon reportedly feels like Enzo could do music for the WWE possibly even outside material for his team.

John Cena had a successful rap album years back and many think that WWE would certainly support any album that came from a WWE Superstar. Cena's sold well enough that he has been in and out of the studio for years. However he never could pursue any major music career due to his WWE schedule. On top of this, most think that he is better off doing the thing he happens to be better at.

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[Image via WWE]Meanwhile, the music material might actually help Amore in the future whenever WWE does decide to split the team and push Big Cass on his own. Most feel each man would do well on his own in the future, but they don't need to be split for now. Some think that Cass needs more development in the ring and on the mic even still. He was exposed a bit on the mic when Enzo Amore was gone, due to the fact that he normally handled most of the talking when Cass just called people "sawft" whenever Enzo got done.

That very well could mean more promos from Cass over the years so that he can get used to talking more often. Meanwhile Enzo is also not a brilliant in-ring worker, so he will need to develop here before the team can split.

All of this being said, fans should not expect Vince McMahon's current feelings on each man to then result in a split for the two in the upcoming WWE Draft or even the next. One thing most fans want to see at least once before the two split is a WWE Tag Team Title. Fans have wanted it for years, but WWE always hesitated putting it on them in NXT because it seemed that they would get called up at any point. That kept being delayed, and thus the perfect time to put titles on them was missed time and time again. That won't happen this time. What can be expected is McMahon pushing the two of them, as that seems to be in the cards.

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