Florida Man Rapes Woman So He Can Be Sent To Prison And Go After His Son’s Killer

A man by the name of Joel Jones had placed an ad on Craigslist in August of 2014 for a job opening at his cleaning company. Upon answering the ad, a woman ended up being raped by Jones who then called 911 on himself and told the police to throw him into prison as he wanted to go. It’s come to be known that he wanted to end up in prison so he could get access to and go after the man who killed his 14-year-old son.

Two years ago, the Craigslist ad was placed by Jones in an attempt to have someone take the job at his office cleaning business. As reported by the Palm Beach Post, the woman was attacked and raped by Jones upon meeting up with him to reply to his ad.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies were flagged down by a man who was screaming at them. The man was Jones and the police couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

“I assaulted her! Take me to jail!”

The woman answered the ad and met Jones who was showing her the rooms in a doctor’s office building she would be cleaning if she got the job. Upon going into the last room, the woman said Jones made a pass at her, grabbed her, took off her pants, and raped her as he held a “flip-style knife” to her neck.

As she was let go and ran away, she looked back and saw Jones calling 911.

man rapes woman prison son's killer joel jones
[Photo via Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department]
The 47-year-old Joel Jones was arrested on charges of sexual battery, false imprisonment, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Those charges are not surprising considering what he did and even admitted to doing once speaking with police.

The Palm Beach Post reported that Jones said he told police he “tricked” the woman into meeting him and then “brutally raped” her. Jones was crying the entire time he was explaining it to the officers and insisted they note that the crime was premeditated.

While the charges are not surprising, Jones’ reason for the crime is.

Yes, as reported by Yahoo News, Jones committed the horrendous crime as part of his plan to get arrested and go to prison to go after the man who killed his 14-year-old son. While it isn’t Jones’ first time in prison, it is his first time intentionally trying to get arrested.

Last week, Jones was finally sentenced for the sexual crimes he committed against that woman two years ago. Circuit Judge Jack Cox ended up sentencing him to 25 years for his crimes which were said to be vile and beyond morally corrupt in today’s world.

“This case is not really about what someone did to your child, but what you did to someone else’s child. The things that you did to her were completely beyond the realm of what a human being should do to another human being.”

Judge Cox continued on to say that Joel Jones has no possibility of credit for good behavior on the 25-year mandatory sentence which was given to him.

Joel Jones had vengeance on his mind and justice for his family when he thought about going after the man that killed his son. Unfortunately, he took matters into his own hands and in the worst possible way by raping a woman so that he could be thrown into prison to get his revenge. Now, he’s serving 25 years in prison and will have to always remember what the judge told him about his actions.

[Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images]

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