2 Russian Nuclear Attack Subs Patrolling 200 Miles Off New York Coast

The U.S. Government and Military has been keeping their mouths shut about this, but the New York Times is reporting that in recent days, 2 Russian Nuclear attack submarines have been patrolling international waters off the coast of New York City, just 200 miles out. One submarine left and moved South earlier on a trip to go into port in Cuba.

“Any time the Russian Navy does something so out of the ordinary it is cause for worry,” said a senior Defense Department official who has been monitoring reports on the submarines’ activities.

Quote above from the New York Times. See the rest of the article here.

The Pentagon is “concerned” about the presence of the subs, but are sweeping it under the rug as Russia just showing off. Umm, yeah. Nothing to worry about.

Both Russian submarines are Akula Class – nuclear-powered attack submarines first deployed by the Soviet Navy in 1986.