Scientific Research Has Determined That Superman Is The Best Superhero Of All Time — Guess Where Batman Placed?

When it comes to the world of superheroes, everyone has their favorite, and they try to convince everyone else that they should like them too. Some may think it’s hard to determine who is the best superhero out of all the fictional characters in existence, but some scientific research has actually figured that out. There may be some who differ in opinion, but a seven-year study has now announced that Superman is the best superhero of all time.

There are so many superheroes throughout the books time, that it may seem too difficult to choose the best one. Looking throughout the history of DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and countless others, it’s hard to find that one superhero who stands out above all others and is the best of all time.

A seven-year study was put in place by the University of Leicester (via Gizmodo), and it put a number of factors through the wringer and into consideration. Once all was said and done, it was concluded that Superman is the “best-equipped” superhero of all time, and that’s based on a number of interesting points.

superman best superhero of all time study research batman
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The study took place over the years of 2009 into 2016, and it was organized by student-led research, which determined the “Man of Steel” is pretty awesome.

“… Superman could be the best-equipped superhero of all, with a number of abilities including the ‘Super Flare’ attack and possession of high density muscle tissue.”

Honestly, this shouldn’t be much of a shocker to anyone, as Superman is the iconic image that so many think about when asked to picture a superhero. Others may have thought that it would be Batman or Spider-Man or Captain America, but they didn’t end up making it as high on the list as a few others.

This wasn’t just a popularity contest, but a study that looked into numerous factors to figure out just who is the best superhero. Wolverine actually made it very high on the list due to his regenerative abilities.

superman best superhero of all time study research wolverine
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Thor and Mystique, two other Marvel characters, were also high on the charts due to their high energy output and gene manipulation capabilities. Black Bolt, the leader of the Inhumans, is seen as the “single most destructive superhero” due to his hypersonic voice, which has the ability to level entire cities almost instantly.

Many comic book characters were included in the study such as Silver Surfer, Ice Man, Iron Man, The Lizard, and a host of others.

Now, there are going to be many that agree with virtually everything this superhero study has brought to the table. Everything except for the placement of one superhero, and that would be Batman, who ended up as last on the list of the best of all time.

superman best superhero of all time study research batman last
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According to the characteristics studied and the qualifications that helped with placement, Batman does come in last as the “best-equipped” superhero. Considering he doesn’t have any super-powers and his weaknesses outweigh/outnumber his strengths, Batman just wouldn’t do well in the real world.

The student-led study didn’t think that Batman falling off of a building and gliding down with his cape would be feasible and it’s not believable that he would survive. One would think that his incredible knowledge would at least give him some bonus points.

It is interesting to see that many characters were not included in the study. Some will wonder where Green Lantern, Captain America, Vision, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Joker, Red Skull, and many other superheroes/villains are in this study.

There are going to be those that think Batman is the best superhero of all time. Maybe some believe Captain America or Iron Man deserve the title. Perhaps Plastic Man and Booster Gold would get a hundred votes or more from fans. Still, when it comes to the best of all time, that designation belongs to Superman for his strength, knowledge, and overall ability to protect the people of the planet Earth.

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