‘Wolverine 3’ Set Photos Show Hugh Jackman And Patrick Stewart: Is ‘The Death Of Wolverine’ Coming?

Many rumors have been flying around about Wolverine 3 and not much is known about the film. That includes the fact that the movie doesn’t even have an official title or even a publicly known plot. A lot of people believe that it will tell the tale of “Old Man Logan” or even “The Death of Wolverine,” but that isn’t confirmed. One thing that is known is that Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart will star in it together and here are the pics to prove it.

Wolverine 3 is going to be the ninth time that Jackman dons the claws, but things are looking very different as the film shoots in New Orleans. Jackman has been spotted with some gray hair and also sporting the full-on beard that he doesn’t usually have as Wolverine in the other solo films or X-Men flicks.

As he is looking rather old, he’s far from the only one. Fans have been thrilled at the idea of Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Professor X, but they may not be too happy about what they’re seeing so far. Let’s just say the professor isn’t looking overly healthy.

Seriously, prepare yourself.

Yeah, he’s not looking so hot and it certainly appears as if this could be one of the final times he takes on the role of wheelchair-bound leader of the X-Men. Jackman has already said that Wolverine 3 is set to be his final time in the role and he wouldn’t mind seeing Tom Hardy take over in his place.

Of course, many actors have said things like that before and ended up being talked into taking on a role again. See Matt Damon and the role of Jason Bourne for a key example.

Still, many are wondering what the movie will be about, and there is so much speculation, but nothing concrete from Fox. Movie Pilot believes that it could be a combination of “Old Man Logan” and “The Death of Wolverine” which could lead into the “Weapon X” story arc.

It’s just hard to believe that the “Weapon X” storyline could be made to work on the big screen.

wolverine 3 set photos hugh jackman patrick stewart death weapon x
[Image via Marvel]
For those that don’t know, “Weapon X” tells the story of three scientists working on a programmable Logan and viewing him through scientific glasses. With there being a lot of speculation that Wolverine 3 is supposed to feel more like a western than anything else, it’s hard to see those two ideas working together.

One other little thing that is known came from X-Men producer Simon Kinberg who said that the movie is indeed set in the future, according to Screen Rant. This also leads to the possibility of “Old Man Logan” being the primary storyline, but again, that’s still not confirmed.

Little by little, more is becoming known about Wolverine 3, but there is still so much up in the air. Once the official title and plot are released, fans could find themselves disappointed if it’s not what they were expecting because so much has been built up on it already.

wolverine 3 set photos hugh jackman patrick stewart death weapon x
[Image via 20th Century Fox]
James Mangold (The Wolverine) has come back to direct this film which will see Jackman and Stewart star alongside Eriq La Salle, Richard E. Grant, and Stephen Merchant. Wolverine 3 is set to hit theaters on March 3, 2017.

Wolverine 3 marks the ninth time that Hugh Jackman is taking on the iconic comic book role, and that is just simply unprecedented. Having Patrick Stewart back as Professor X already makes the movie that much better. While the official title and plot aren’t known, the pics do show that there could be some truth to “Old Man Logan” and/or “The Death of Wolverine” storylines being brought into cinematic existence.

[Image via Marvel]

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