Orlando Shooting: NRA Under Fire, But Why Haven’t They Issued a Statement?

The Orlando Shooting has caused an uproar in its community, and the NRA is beginning to feel some of that heat. A random man filled with hatred took the lives of nearly fifty unsuspecting individuals who were out to have a fun night and to relieve some stress before their work week reappeared. Whether Omar Mateen truly has connections with Hezbollah is not truly known.

Regarding the Orlando Shooting and its Shooter, James Comey of the F.B.I stated, according to The New York Times,

“He also said he was a member of Hezbollah – He said he hoped that law enforcement would raid his apartment and assault his wife and child so that he could martyr himself.”

And apparently the F.B.I was already on his trail. According to Comey, prior to the Orlando Shooting, they were introducing confidential sources and recording their conversations, and even following Mateen. Obviously, they didn’t work on weekends, in terms of trailing Mateen to the site of the Orlando Shooting. Even when the F.B.I called him out on his conversations with other coworkers, Mateen simply said that they were out of anger or passion, due to being teased by a co-worker for showing a form of discrimination towards him being Muslim.


However, the Saudi government reported today that before the shooting in Orlando, Omar Mateen made two trips to Saudi Arabia to make a religious pilgrimage that they refer to as Umrah. Within two years, Omar Mateen made two trips, totaling 18 days. Umrah is clearly a Muslim act to display their devotion to their religion and when translated is “To visit a populated place.”

Many internet spokespeople are taking to meme’s and other forms of social media to demonstrate that Omar Mateen had nothing to do with praising Allah or being Muslim, similar to the one below.


For many years prior to the shooting in the Orlando club, Mateen was quoted on exhibiting his hatred and desire to rid the world of certain minorities, including homosexuals, but also Latinos, and people of Jewish descent. Mateen’s father voiced his outrage at seeing same-sex couples display their affection in public, but stuck to his stance on only God having the power to punish them, and he had this to say about his son’s ordeal regarding the Orlando Shooting.

“If I knew 1 percent about what he was doing, I would have called the F.B.I – He went against my principles as a father and as a U.S. citizen.”

However, the people aren’t voicing their anger towards the shooter, they seem to want to take it out against the NRA or the National Rifle Association. Some people are wondering why the non-profit organization has yet to issue a statement about the Orlando Shooting or the Shooter.


Perhaps it is simply due to the fact that they don’t have to issue a statement about the shooting. Just because they are an organization that supports the 2nd amendment for us to bear arms, has nothing to do with issuing a statement for the whole globe to read on their sorrow for the loss of lives at the Orlando Shooting.

The NRA, clearly states its patriotic point of view and mentality on it’s website.

It clearly won’t bring the Orlando Shooting victim’s lives back to them, admittedly it is a sad day for all to hear about the loss of life in Orlando, but issuing a statement is simply an act of publicity. The NRA will never retract their support for the 2nd amendment, regardless of the Orlando Shooting, so why would they issue a statement to have it taken the wrong way like their endorsed Donald Trump? You can also read on the Inquisitr about their endorsing presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

What is your take on the Orlando Shooting and the NRA? Let us know in a comment below. Do you want the NRA to issue a statement regarding the Orlando Shooting?

[AP Photo by Mark Humphrey]

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