LeeAnne Locken’s Charity Storyline Is Too Boring: Will She Be Out Of ‘RHOD’ Season 2?

LeeAnne Locken is gearing up for the finale of season one of The Real Housewives of Dallas, which airs tonight on Bravo. Throughout the season, LeeAnne has been the one housewife, who has used her time on the show to talk about her charitable work. It’s no secret that charity work takes up a lot of her time when she isn’t filming the show, but it isn’t necessarily something that viewers find that entertaining. In fact, things only got interesting to watch when some of her co-stars decided to question her behavior, resulting in Locken throwing a drink at her co-stars. This started a season packed with questions surrounding LeeAnne’s behavior.

According to a new tweet, LeeAnne Locken is now revealing that The Real Housewives of Dallas was supposed to be a show based on charity work. But some viewers may find the charity angle too boring for a second season, so she may have to get creative if she wants that second contract from Bravo.

“Everyone appreciates your Charity work, it got old over and over as a storyline. The pain I get, I’ve been there, ABUSE XO..,” one person wrote to LeeAnne, pointing out that her charity storyline simply got to be too old to watch, to which LeeAnne replied, “The show started off as a show based on charity. It was a show story line not just mine! Then… it changed! LOL xoxo.”

It sounds like she wants fans to know that all of the ladies on The Real Housewives of Dallas had planned to use charity as a storyline, and that the show was going to be about charity. However, that doesn’t really seem to make sense, as Cary Deuber hasn’t really talked about charity on the show. Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman decided to share their friendship and their marriages with viewers, and Tiffany Hendra has shared both her charity work and her struggles to get her husband settled in Dallas. As for Locken, fans have only seen her hardcore work with charity and how serious she takes her work.

Things got interesting last week, however, when LeeAnne Locken threatened Marie Reyes after learning that Marie had possibly leaked some sensitive information about her. After the episode aired, Locken decided to apologize for her behavior, but some fans were appalled by her behavior, calling her out for threatening to kill Marie.

“Regardless of why, how’d u feel on the other side of your threats & screaming? That’s ABUSIVE behavior, OWN IT,” one person wrote to Locken, criticizing her for her behavior on the show, where she threatened to kill her co-star, Marie Reyes, to which Locken replied, “Girl I OWNED IT! The second I did it and APOLOGIZED for it! #CatchUp!”

While LeeAnne has apologized for her behavior, she also revealed that she was completely betrayed by her co-star. And her friend, Tiffany Hendra, could not agree more. Marie had known something about LeeAnne and shared that information with the world.

“I was so upset with Marie because THIS wasn’t her first betrayal, and for the last year, I had been denying her betrayals. So I have had to come to terms with the fact that this IS Marie. This is what she is to me: A Liar,” LeeAnne Locken explained in her blog for The Real Housewives of Dallas last week, adding, “For me to have to finally face this fact after everything I’ve done for her, the secrets that I have kept for her, the lies, the tracking devices I’ve purchased for her, the meetings I’ve kept quiet, the trips to Mexico where I’ve talked her off the ledge, all of it. I’m flabbergasted. Shocked. And it all came out with 100% hurt and pain, which for me (as you all know by now) comes out in 100% anger.”

This fight between the Real Housewives of Dallas co-stars definitely made the season worth watching. The show is no longer about promoting charities and showing off the charitable donations that these ladies make. It is about friendships, betrayal, and recovering from these betrayals. Hopefully, this issue will create an interesting storyline for the second season, should Bravo decide to go forward with another season.

What do you think of The Real Housewives of Dallas being all about charity? Do you think LeeAnne Locken will be signed on for a second season, if she only wants to share her charity work?

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