‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Brad And Lucas Prepare To Wed, Julian Scrambles To Cover His Tracks, And Spinelli Is Uncovering Juicy Tidbits

What is coming up on Monday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers share that one Port Charles resident will be heading off on a trip while many others gather for what should be a fun, loving event. However, the June 13 show also brings hiccups and shakeups that fans will not want to miss.

As everybody saw last week, Lucas and Brad have made new plans that should allow for them to finally get married. The nuptials are set to take place at Julian and Alexis’ house, but given the turmoil currently playing out in their marriage, this location could be a bit of a problem.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that festivities will hit some obstacles during Monday’s episode. Carly and Bobbie arrive to join Julian and Alexis for Lucas and Brad’s nuptials, but before the vows can be exchanged, Nathan will arrive with a warrant to search the house in relation to Carlos’ murder.

Despite the interruption, General Hospital spoilers tease that Brad and Lucas will exchange their vows and get married. After they leave, however, Nathan and his team find the dagger used to kill Carlos, and this may well lead to some trouble. He may have managed to get rid of the bloody shirt and the dagger has been cleaned, but it will be tested and may still have some damaging residue on it.

Spinelli is back in town for a bit, and Maxie has opened up to him about all of the drama she has been having with Nathan. Spinelli started to do some digging into Claudette, but Nathan is wary of having Maxie’s ex around at this time. General Hospital spoilers share that Spinelli will manage to uncover some key scoop, and while this could be about Nikolas’ disappearance, it seems it may be regarding Claudette.


It is known that viewers will be seeing Claudette very soon as General Hospital spoilers tease that a powerhouse soap veteran has been cast in the role. The summer is said to bring some unexpected romances, and fans are speculating that Maxie and Nathan may remain separated, and having both Claudette and Griffin in the picture could shake things up a bit.

Monday’s episode also brings some time with Carly, and General Hospital spoilers share that she will be making some accusations. Previews show Carly talking with Alexis and trying to warn her about what happens if Alexis continues to try to protect her husband and it seems she will threaten that Sonny will ensure that Julian ends up behind bars for Duke’s murder.

Rachel’s mother, Naomi, has shown up at Wyndemere, and General Hospital spoilers detail that fans will be seeing more of this tense relationship during Monday’s show. Rachel is scrambling to keep herself out of trouble in the wake of Nikolas’ disappearance, and Naomi’s arrival is said to be shaking things up very soon.

Jason and Sam are digging into the truth about Nikolas’ supposed death, and both are finding some helpful pieces of information here and there. They do not yet have it fully figured out, but they seem to be on the right track. Soap Central shares General Hospital spoilers detailing that there is plenty more with these two on the way this week as they will soon connect with Spinelli as their investigation continues.

Julian is in a tough spot at this point, and he will be having a difficult chat with Ava during this next show. She warns him that he’s in the spotlight regarding Carlos’ murder, and General Hospital spoilers note that he will nudge her to head out of town for a bit to ensure she doesn’t get pulled into the mess he is facing. As the week continues, she’ll see someone familiar and soon find herself in danger.

Will Sam and Jason uncover the truth about Nikolas and what happened at Wyndemere? Will Alexis and Julian end their relationship over this Carlos situation? Spoilers indicate that there are juicy twists and turns on the way, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next on General Hospital.

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