Ronnie Dunn Creates Viral Facebook Post To Chastise Obama’s Orlando Shooting Response

Ronnie Dunn’s Facebook post about President Barack Obama’s response to the Orlando shooting has gone viral. The county music star, of Brooks and Dunn fame, took intense exception to the president pushing a gun control message and not lambasting radical Islamic terrorists in his speech.

“The worst mass murder in American history attributed to ISIS and Obama steps up to the microphone and implies that it will stop if guns are taken away,” Ronnie Dunn said on Facebook.

In his speech after Omar Mateen killed 49 people and shot another 53, President Obama said the Orlando shooting was an act of “terror and hate” which should serve as a “further reminder of how easy it is” for individuals to get a gun across the country, CNN reports.

President Obama and a plethora of media pundits referred to the rifle Omar Mateen used as an “assault rifle” or “military style” weapon. There is no clear definition for the term “assault rifle,” and the phrase has come to be used by gun control activists and media types to describe any “long” rifle which is not designed primarily for hunting purposes.

The Orlando shooter, who swore his allegiance to ISIS before opening fire and killing 49 people at Pulse, a very popular gay bar, used an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. The version of the rifle used by the military is fully automatic. It is illegal for the general public to purchase automatic rifles — or for gun stores to sell them to anyone who has not obtained a Federal Firearms License — FFL. Such a license is not only extremely expensive, but is difficult to garner.

Semi-automatic handguns are capable of firing as quickly as semi-automatic rifles. Both firearms require a squeezing of the trigger before another round can leave the barrel of the gun.

During his Orlando shooting speech, Obama also urged Americans to decide what kind of country we want to have. “Actively doing nothing is a decision,” the president said when referencing the gun control issue, notes.

Ronnie Dunn also said this in one of many replies to his viral post about Obama’s speech after the terror attack by the ISIS sympathizer.

“So, a law is passed and we are ordered to turn our guns in (billions of them)….
I bet criminals and “terrorists” / Jihadists will rush to turn their guns in.
…, that’s leadership. UNBELIEVABLE.”

The Brooks and Dunn singer also went on to say many of the mass shooters who have the blood of innocents on their hands had “been on or were at some time on SSRI (prozac etc.) prescribed drugs.”

Dunn, like most Second Amendment advocates, says guns are not the problem. According to the country music singer, many of the shooting deaths cited in the United States can be attributed to either “radical ideology” or self-inflected wounds. Ronnie Dunn maintains 75 percent of all gun deaths in the country have been suicides.

“The information is out there and online. You just have to dig. I spoke with with some law enforcement officials about the drug and suicide issues. Americans are either being lead by idiots or the PUBLIC is being fed misinformation,” Dunn added.

Pulse was a gun free zone, the only person inside who was armed, beside the accused ISIS terrorist, was a single uniformed police officer on an extra duty assignment. The presence of the police officer most likely saved an untold number of lives during the Orlando shooting.

When making a point about how he feels gun control and gun free zones are putting targets on the back of Americans, Dunn said mass shooters are not “brave warriors” who choose to walk into police stations or others areas where they know they will be met with armed opposition. The Brooks and Dunn singer said the shooters are going places where they can repeatedly aim and fire at “children, the elderly, and otherwise helpless victims.”

In his viral Facebook post, Ronnie Dunn also urged Americans to remember Barack Obama was a “liberal lawyer” before he became a politician.

“What would’ve happened if the nation’s leader had walked up and said….’America, we are now going to offer public national anti-terrorism seminars. After you take the courses and pass the tests you will be allowed to attain a carry permit… Arm yourselves.’ We are OFFICIALLY, at war with a global, radical ideology?”

President Obama reportedly said any claim that he is interested in confiscating guns is nothing more than a “conspiracy” or “false notion.” Obama pointed out he has less than one year left in the White House and any claims he is going to come take our guns are being generated “either for political reasons or commercial reasons.”

What do you think of Ronnie Dunn’s Facebook post and President Obama’s response to ISIS threats in America?

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