RC Feed Boat Makes Fishing Even Less Interesting

I’m not a huge fan of fishing, all of those hours sitting around with a hook and line in the water just isn’t my thing. I do however like the “game” of finding the best spots to actually catch fish. Now that “game” has been taken away from me by the RC Feed Boat.

This gadget comes equipped with a built-in sonar that makes it half fun remote control boat and half advanced fish finder, a “toy” that adults will be prying out of their kids hands when fish aren’t biting in their current fishing spot.

The RC Feed Boat features an LED display which offers your typical fish sonar feedback and takes it once step further by showing off the current water temperature in the area. The boat can reach distances of 948 feet and it even includes a tipper that can support up to 4.4lbs of bait. It also includes underwater LED lights. [thanks SlipperyBrick]

You can pick one up now for $726 or you can buy a really big net for 20 bucks and eliminate the entire point of fishing.