Mysterious Bright Orbs Spotted Hovering In Triangle Formation Over Indiana [Photo]

A witness from Crawford County in Indiana has reported sighting three mysterious white orbs that hovered in a triangle formation in the sky. The three, bright, white orbs hovered stationary in the sky for about an hour while the witness drove through the same stretch of road during multiple trips.

The witness was able to snap a photo of the mysterious three bright orbs in the dark sky (see photo below), Open Minds TV reports.

According to the witness, in a report submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) on May 26, and filed as Case 76612 in the organization’s reporting database, the strange sighting occurred more than a year earlier on March 2, 2015, while he was driving at about 3 a.m. in Indiana.

As he drove through a familiar stretch of road, he suddenly noticed three bright, white orbs hovering in a triangle formation in the dark sky. But he ignored them at the first sighting and drove past.

“I disregarded them and kept driving,” the witness wrote in the report to MUFON.

But when he drove through the same area on the return trip, he noticed that the orbs were still hovering in the same spot. He described them as “three, bright, white, hovering orbs,” keeping a triangle formation in the sky.

He doubted the accuracy of his observation of their motion because he was sleepy at the time. So he pulled over and observed them for a few minutes until he was satisfied that they were actually hovering in the sky over the same spot.

“I thought that I may have been too sleepy to really know, so I stopped in the road and stared for approximately 2-3 minutes and realized they weren’t moving,” the witness told MUON.

Baffled, he called a friend on the phone and reported in detail what he was seeing. He managed to give a detailed description to the friend although the call kept dropping.

His curiosity about the nature of the mysterious bright orbs was so piqued that after driving away from the spot, he felt compelled to drive back once again to see whether they were still there.

The orbs were still there when he returned. This time around he stopped his car and snapped a picture (see photo above).

The witness described the orbs as bright, glowing and white in color. They hovered silently in the air in a triangle formation without moving. And despite their eerie appearance, they did not seem to be causing any trouble or disturbance. They just hovered silently in the air.

He said the route was very familiar to him and that he had traveled on it several times in a night on several occasions in the past and had never seen them. He also never encountered them once again after the sighting that night.

The entire sighting, according to the witness, lasted about 45 minutes to an hour. After watching the orbs for several minutes without an incident, he decided to leave because he had not slept all night and was fatigued.

“The orbs stayed exactly the same… I didn’t feel nervous, scared, or anxious. I just felt curious and interested.”

He recalled that the orbs were still hovering stationary when he finally drove away from the spot.

He did not see the orbs the next time he drove past the spot. But he kept thinking about the sighting, and finally, he decided to report the incident to MUFON.

He filed a sighting report with MUFON, more than a year later, on May 26, 2016.

MUFON said that its representatives in Indiana were investigating the sighting.

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