Farting Baby Doll Kong Suni Takes South Korea By Storm [Video]

Farting baby dolls are the must-have toy in South Korea these days. According to the folks at Orble, Kong Suni, the aforementioned gas-passing baby doll, is a pretty big deal in its native country. It’s popularity is no doubt tied directly into the toy’s ability to eat, fart, and defecate. Thankfully, the doll comes with a tiny toilet which can magically flush the fake smiling poop away.

In order to get Kong Suni to fart, all you have to do is tickle her belly. It’s really that simple. When you’re ready to give the baby doll fuel for her gastrointestinal fire, you can feed the plastic wind-breaker faux breakfast cereal. The combination of feeding, farting, and feces may sound disgusting to some, but apparently it’s all the rage in South Korea.

Of course, the dolls aren’t just for the delight of those who like to giggle at scatological humor. According to Kotaku, Kong Suni is designed to assist with potty training and to teach about the delight generally associated with staying regular. Instead of treating poop like the plague, South Korean toy makers has opted to inject some much-needed humor into doing your business.

When it comes to what happens in the bathroom, Asia seems to be a bit more open and, shall we say, experimental than others. Last May, the biggest toilet in the world opened in Japan, allowing women to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature by dropping trow in a large outdoor restroom. According to NPR, those with business to attend to will traverse a beautiful garden before sitting down on a toilet inside a glass cube. For those who want some privacy, a curtain is provided.

If you decide to swing through South Korea in order to pick up your very own farting baby doll, why not pay a visit to a toilet-themed amusement park, which will allow you to explore the history of South Korea’s waste disposal system.

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