Will Sonja Morgan Return To ‘RHONY’ For Season 9?

Sonja Morgan is a fan favorite on Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York. She has been a part of the show since Season 3. She has had a particularly hard season as the other cast has attacked her for her fun spirit and her partying ways.

Of course, it didn’t help matters when she went toe-to-toe with RHONY meanie, Bethenny Frankel, about the brand name of her Prosecco, Tipsy Girl. Bethenny felt it was too close to hers, Skinny Girl. The argument between them snowballed into a major issue between Bethenny and the other cast members. Many felt Bethenny had a reason to be upset, but felt like usual, she went overboard.


It has gotten so bad for Sonja that she was (un) invited to Dorinda Medley’s dinner in the Berkshires out of fear her present could cause more issues within the group. Many fans fear her disappearing storyline and the fact she is isolated within the group could all point to her not returning for the next season.

Before Season 8 premiered, there were rumors of Sonja, Luann de Lesseps, and Romona Singer having serious contract disputes with the producers, and they threatened to not come back to RHONY to film.

Eventually, the contract disputes were resolved, and it came out that Morgan’s magazine cover party was not going to be filmed by Bravo, reported Romper. The fact that Bravo skipped Sonja’s magazine cover party spoke volumes about her ranking on the show–and since she has only been pushed further outside the core group and hasn’t been seen very much with the rest of the women.

The first time we saw the show trying to separate the group from Sonja was when Ramona confronted her about her drinking and “partying.” Singer claimed she was “just concerned for her as a good friend,” but the viewers felt it was part of the script to separate Sonja from the group. It just led to the gossip about her and fueled the rumors that she was a “bad influence.”

It definitely didn’t help when Sonja walked into an ambush with Queen Bethenny about her business name, Tipsy Girl. Bethenny claimed she wasn’t “upset” by the brand name, but her attitude about it said something else altogether. She couldn’t stop talking about it and trashed Sonja over and over. Frankel even stooped so low as to accuse Morgan of trying to “piggyback” off Skinny Girl’s success.

The sad truth is that Morgan’s isolation from the group is only getting worse, and it could lead to her leaving the Bravo franchise. Sonja has stated for several seasons that she felt like the women would often gang up on her. The way Ramona, Dorinda, and Carole Radziwill defended the decision not to invite her to the Berkshire dinner was mind blogging. Not only did they sternly agree with Dorina’s decision, but they blasted Sonja for feeling hurt by the (dis) invite.

Morgan has not revealed if she plans to return for Season 9 and hasn’t said much about her treatment on the show. The lack of contact between her and the rest of the cast is concerning, especially when you consider Sonja seems to be pushed further out of the group with each episode.

Let’s hope that the drama Sonja Morgan brings to RHONY will keep her for another season or two. We all know that the producers love drama, and Ms. Morgan knows how to dish out the drama and conflict, especially between Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel.

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