Bernie Barrier? Democratic National Convention Approves Building ‘A Wall’…Around Their Convention

The Democratic National Convention will feature a wall of sorts around their venue in Philadelphia when it nominates Hillary Clinton as the party’s presidential nominee.

The security wall will also apparently keep Bernie Sanders protesters outside the convention security perimeter.

Led by Clinton, most Democrats are dead set against Donald Trump’s idea of building a wall at the U.S.-Mexican border for security purposes that the presumptive GOP presidential nominee vows that the government of Mexico will pay for.

In a recent interview with Univision, Hillary Clinton declared that building a wall is an incorrect approach and instead “we should be building bridges… building understanding.”

The Democrats will hold their convention at the South Philadelphia Sports Complex, a cluster of stadiums and arenas where the city’s teams play their home games. The area includes the Wells Fargo Center, Xfinity Live!, Citizens Bank Park, and Lincoln Financial Field.

The U.S. Secret Service has designated the DNC as a National Special Security Event, NBC10 in Philadelphia reports.

“Security at the Sports Complex during the Democratic National Convention next month will include ‘no-scale fencing’ to enclose the Wells Fargo Center and Xfinity Live!, the Secret Service special agent in charge said in an interview Thursday. But exact boundaries of the security perimeter around the sports arena, where the convention will take place July 25-28, are not yet finalized.”

Disgruntled supporters of also-ran presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, i.e., members of the Bernie-or-bust crew, will be relegated to assembling outside the wall, the station added.

“FDR Park, which is across South Broad Street from the arena, has been designated a protest zone by the city. Pro-Bernie Sanders protesters have secured permits to demonstrate from Sunday through Thursday of the DNC week. In applying for those permits, protest organizers estimated up to 30,000 people could take part.”

It remains to be seen if any civil disobedience will occur at the outskirts of the convention behind the “Bernie barrier.”

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, an Alabama Republican and a big Trump supporter, called out Hillary Clinton for what he considered hypocrisy about building a convention wall, he explained in a statement.

“It’s interesting that the Democratic National Committee will have a wall around their convention to keep unapproved people out while at the same time, their presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton, pushes for open borders policies that are even more radical than President Obama’s. She would refuse to deport dangerous criminal aliens until after they have been convicted of committing heinous crimes against Americans, close detention centers, issue even more extreme executive orders than Obama, and increase Syrian refugees five-fold. Her proposed policies make no sense, decimate the rule of law, further reduce wages for poor Americans, and increase the risk of terrorism and criminal behavior.”

Sessions added that “Security is a necessity in this increasingly dangerous world. Clinton and the DNC don’t hesitate to use walls and guns for protecting themselves and their elite friends. I say it’s time to provide such protection to the at-risk people like Kate Steinle, and Clinton not understanding this will lead to her defeat.”

The senator was making reference to the fatal shooting of Ms. Steinle in San Francisco, who was allegedly gunned down on July 1, 2015, by an illegal alien felon who had previously been deported five times. The Steinle family is now suing the federal, state, and local government over the deadly attack. San Francisco is a sanctuary city that is generally non-compliant with federal immigration regulations.

Hillary Clinton has been protected by armed, taxpayer-funded bodyguards since becoming First Lady in 1992 and possibly before as the wife of the Arkansas governor.

“Ask any Democrat how they feel about Trump’s proposed border wall and you’ll be met with outrage. According to most liberals, such a concept is racist, xenophobic and utterly unnecessary. Building a wall doesn’t solve anything… unless it’s used to protect delegates and other high ranking officials in the Democratic Party,” Legal Insurrectionasserted.

While a U.S. Senator, Hillary Clinton has acknowledged that she voted “numerous” times to build a barrier or wall at the border as part of efforts to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the U.S.

Parenthetically, many Democrats (and their allied organizations) also oppose a photo ID requirement to vote. Their 2012 national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, that nominated Barack Obama for his second-term campaign required a photo ID for purposes of obtaining credentials to enter the venue, however.

[Photo by Matt Rourke/AP]

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