High School Coach Placed On Leave For Writing ‘Sex Book’

Chicago, IL – Girls high school basketball coach and counselor, Bryan Craig, should probably have kept his “weakness for cleavage” to himself. The Chicago coach’s self-published “sex book” allegedly features graphic content which caused enough concern for administrators at Rich Central High School that the counselor was placed on leave. He resigned from his coaching position on Friday.

District Superintendent, Donna Simpson Leak, told Fox News that a district review concerning the self-published sex book is pending. The Rich Central superintendent readily admits that employees have the right to free speech, but concerns over possible disruptions due to the content in It’s Her Fault prompted the administrative leave. Board of Education member Cheryl Coleman said the published work “breaks her heart a little bit,” during a Chicago Sun-Times interview.

In the It’s Her Fault, forward, the author notes his intention is to give woman a guide on to “gain the upper hand” in a relationship. Detailed descriptions of what Bryan Craig considers the differences in anatomy between various ethnicities of women led him to determine that Latin women have more children.

The former girls basketball instructor also claims that both women and men should behave in a promiscuous manner before tying the knot.

An excerpt from It’s Her Fault reads:

“The easiest kill for a man is through the young lady with low self-esteem. Of course some feel this is taking advantage, and yes it is. The ultimate goal for a man is to do all he can to eventually be able to commit and submit to a woman’s power.”

The sex book is 60-pages long and was published on August 2. Bryan Craig moonlights as a bouncer at a strip club, a job which he says allows him to manage his anger and be nicer to his wife.

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