‘Pretty Little Liars’ Brings Back Lindsey Shaw To The Delight Of Paily Shippers

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Jun. 12 2016, Updated 3:09 p.m. ET

Pretty Little Liars is about the relationships as much as it is a mystery about an anonymous stalker, and one of the greatest losses to the series came, when PLL writers sent Paige McCullers away, presumably to never again see Emily (Shay Mitchell). That relationship, dubbed by Pretty Little Liars fans as “Paily,” was thought gone forever, but now news of Lindsey Shaw’s return to the series sparks hopes, and fan theories that there may still be a Paily happy ending.

Pretty Little Liars Brings Lindsey Shaw Back In Season 7

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News that Lindsey Shaw is reprising her Pretty Little Liars role has already ignited fan excitement at the possibility that Emily and Paige might be getting back together, and they may very well enjoy a brief tryst, but early news of Shaw’s return suggests that Paige won’t really be in it for the long haul. Lindsey will only be seen in a couple episodes of Pretty Little Liars‘ seventh season, beginning with Episode 8.

Within the plot of Pretty Little Liars, Shaw’s character left Rosewood in Season 5, relocating to California, where she could be closer to family and far removed from A’s reach. The move effectively ended the Paily romance, though Paige was mentioned, just following the five-year time jump.

Following her departure from Pretty Little Liars, Lindsey has kept busy with a recurring role on the television series Faking It and has been seen in the feature films Yellow Day and Temps.

A New Face Will Show Up On The Rosewood Police Force

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Pretty Little Liars will also see some new faces in Season 7 and chiefly among them will be police detective Marco Furey, to be played by Nicholas Gonzalez (Resurrection Blvd., The Purge: Anarchy). The show’s executive producer, Marlene King, says that bringing in Detective Furey is a move to help the Rosewood police close some of the town’s unsolved murders. She adds that a detective capable of being objective is needed because Toby (Keegan Allen) is too concerned with protecting Spencer (Troian Bellisario) to stay open-minded.

“I told [Nicholas] that Mona and Spencer are probably the smartest of all the Pretty Little Liars, and he is their equal,” The Pretty Little Liars showrunner says. “He is the first cop that’s come to town who could compete intellectually with those two characters.”

King adds that Furey couldn’t be a more open-minded sort of detective because he’s coming to the town completely fresh. He doesn’t know the trouble the girls have caused or their experiences in being victimized by A, says the Pretty Little Liars showrunner. This will be a detective who will only know the facts as he uncovers them, so previous prejudices either for or against the girls won’t be an issue. The PLL cast has already teased Nicholas that, because his character is new and unknown to the show’s other characters, he may actually have a chance at solving one of the open cases on Rosewood’s books.

“They teased that maybe a crime will actually be solved for the first time in all these years,” Gonzalez says.

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Marlene is quick to add that Detective Furey will have his hands full with more than just the murder of Charlotte, pointing out that there will be a few more killings in Season 7. The Pretty Little Liars showrunner compares Season 7 with trying to get a drink of water from a fire hose. She says there will be quite a bit going on.

All fun and no play makes Marco a dull detective, hints Marlene King. She says the character may find romance in an unlikely place.

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“He is new in town and I will say that before he starts duty, he has an interesting encounter with one of the Pretty Little Liars — she doesn’t know he’s a cop at the time and he doesn’t know that she’s trouble, so it’s a fun way to get to know him.”

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Pretty Little Liars is set to premiere on Tuesday, June 21 on Freeform.

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