Rove McManus’ Ratings Continue To Plummet, Fans Shocked To Find Out Rove’s Real Name

Rove McManus, the Australian TV personality best known for being the host of his own previous television shows Rove Live and Rove LA, both Australian comedy talk shows, as well as his current radio show Rove & Sam on the 2DayFM network, has recently found himself struggling to attract an audience. According to The New Daily, Rove McManus’ venture into radio has not been well received and is struggling to win over fans.

Rove spent 20 years on television and won 16 Logies, but fans questions whether the Australian personality’s future will be as bright on the airwaves as it was on television.

In October last year, an announcement was made that Rove McManus would be returning from Los Angeles to host Austereo’s Sydney station 2DayFM’s breakfast show. Just a little while after, it was revealed that his co-host would be the Bachelorette star, Sam Frost.

Heavy promotion for the program led the show into its November launch, with Sam Frost’s social media following and her new romance with the winner of the Bachelorette, Sasha Mielczarek, dramatically helping the new radio venture to take flight.

But while the radio show launched in a big way, the results for March of this year showed that McManus and Frost commanded just three percent of the audience share during their timeslot.

The underwhelming performance of the program caught the attention of rival radio host, Kyle Sandilands. According to News Australia, Kyle Sandilands mocked the radio program of Rove McManus and called it a waste of time.

Kyle Sandilands spoke his mind on Rove McManus’ radio program.

“In all honesty, if you worked over at [Southern Cross] Austereo and you had those Rove McManus figures… it’s just a joke. I just don’t understand why they’ve even got anyone advertising on their station. No one’s listening, no one cares, why bother advertising? That’s just what I honestly think. It’s a bl**dy waste of time.”

Domain, the Australian real estate website, reports that Rove McManus and his wife sold their estate in North Avalon on Friday for a reported amount of approximately AU$3 million.

It is unclear whether the sale of the estate is anything to do with the current lack of success of Rove McManus’s radio program, but Rove and his wife are reportedly planning on downsizing to a property in Coogee.

While Kyle Sandilands might think Rove McManus’ radio program is a waste of time, others do not share his opinion. According to another News Australia article, Jeff Probst made an appearance on Rove & Sam and revealed how involved Rove was on Survivor.

It was revealed on the radio program that Rove is a big fan of the show and he even helps out during rehearsals. Jeff Probst revealed on the program what Rove McManus does when stops over at the show.

“Rove comes to location a lot with Taz [his wife Tasma Walton] and it’s a blast and he participates in the challenges. I’m not exaggerating Sam, I’m really not, he dominates. We have these challenges that are gigantic and exhausting, I mean punishingly exhausting. And then you get to the top and there’s a puzzle to solve. Rove has won, I don’t know how many, five of the challenges against our dream team, these 20-year-old men and women that we pay to rehearse these challenges.”

Jeff Probst revealed that Rove and his colorful charismatic personality brightened up the set and that around 40 percent of the crew on the show are Australian locals.

Not only does Rove McManus offer assistance with rehearsals, but he is also responsible for some of the witty one-liners that make it to air. If there’s a witty joke that caught the attention of a viewer on the show, there is every chance that it has come from Rove’s fertile comedic mind, as Jeff and Rove find themselves emailing each other for material whenever they are apart.

The guest appearance of Jeff Probst on Robe McManus’ radio show was a timely one because applications for an Australian series of Survivor, which will air on Network Ten later in the year, were open at the time. Applications have since closed.

And with one final piece of Rove McManus news, the Australian quiz show Millionaire Hot Seat caught Rove’s attention last week when contestants were stumped as to the popular Australian celebrity’s real name, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Given the multiple choice answers of John, Kevin, Greg, and Darren; one contestant passed on the question while the second contestant, who did not have the opportunity to pass, locked in Darren as his answer. The correct answer is John, and Ruth McManus shared a photo on Instagram and posted two tweets, evidently very amused that the contestant thought his name was Darren.

“How you know you need to work on the profile: they get the answer wrong.”

[Photo by Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images]