Convicted Rapist Caught Stealing Women’s Underwear At Oklahoma City University Laundry Room

Police officials say that a convicted rapist is back in custody after he was caught stealing women’s underwear at Oklahoma City University’s laundry room. According to KFOR, surveillance footage captured 36-year-old Howard Edward Payton sneaking into an “on-campus housing facility and stealing panties on at least three occasions” last week.

When Payton, who is not a student at Oklahoma City University, returned to the university for the third time last Friday, stealing women’s underwear from the college laundry room, he came face-to-face with a security officer. When asked what he was doing on campus, he said: “something stupid officer,” according to documents.

The officer told the convicted rapist that he was captured on surveillance footage, stealing women’s underwear. Payton reportedly stated that he was only “stealing them for his girl.”

However, sources say that when the officer searched Payton, they discovered “one pair of panties in his right pants pocket, four more pairs inside his left pants pocket and two pairs inside his underwear, the suspect’s private area.”

Payton was arrested and charged with “two counts of petit larceny.”

Oklahoma City University student Elizabeth Post told reporters that although the school has security, “it isn’t always the tightest.” She went on to say that “the gates are open a lot of the time and, as long as you have the code, you can get in or out. People come and go. It’s not surprising that people got in, but it makes me nervous.”

“With there not being a lot of students here because it is summer, anybody can come and go as they want.”

Post added that students often leave their dorm rooms unlocked while making a quick trip to the laundry room, but after learning that a convicted rapist was on-campus, allegedly stealing student’s underwear, she stated that she is going to be more cautious.

“If non-students can get into the laundry room, they can get anywhere and you wouldn’t know about it.”

Another Oklahoma City University student Ariel Richardson stated that “it’s a little scary that that’s happened multiple times. There are some great things happening near us, but there are also some bad things as well.”

According to NBC4i, Payton has had many run-ins with the law since 2002 with charges of “domestic assault and battery, domestic abuse with felony, domestic assault and battery, and first degree rape,” on his criminal record.

But just last year in August, he was wanted by the Oklahoma City Police Department on voyeurism charges after a woman reportedly told police officials that she saw Payton peeping through her shower in her RV home on July 21, 2014, according to documents.

Reports indicated that surveillance footage from the Twin Fountains RV Park, located at 2727 N.E. 63rd Street captured Payton climbing on top of a washing machine, allegedly pushing a woman’s bathroom curtain back to watch her shower.

When the unidentified woman saw the alleged peeping tom watching her, she screamed and that’s when Payton reportedly ran away.

Social media users were shocked after learning the convicted rapist had peeped through a woman’s bathroom as she was taking a shower, claiming that “this stuff is free on the internet. If you don’t have internet, they sell movies and magazines. What is wrong with people?”

Another social media user, Brad Ezzell, wrote in a comment that “whoever do this kind of stuff are only an opportunity away from being a rapist as well as a peeping tom. Need to catch him fast.” However, Payton had already been charged with rape, but it was “amended due to illegal recording.”

After Howard Edward Payton was arrested on charges of two counts of petit larceny, he bailed out of jail the following Monday.

[Image via Oklahoma City Police Department]

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