Mystery ‘Orange Plasma Orb’ UFO Filmed Over Vancouver Sparks Controversy — Alien UFO Or City Trash? [Video]

Charles Lamoureux, a veteran UFO hunter from Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, reports capturing a mysterious “orange plasma orb” UFO using night vision camera. According to the UFO hunter, although he was able to capture the sphere or orb UFO using his night vision camera, he was unable to capture it using a thermal heat-sensing camera.

Footage showing the mysterious orb has sparked a controversy. While skeptics say that Lamoureux appears to have filmed city trash — such as a plastic bag floating in the evening breeze — the UFO hunter insists that the perfectly spherical object could not have been a plastic bag and that it was possibly a UFO of extraterrestrial origin.

The veteran UFO hunter told Open Minds TV’s Alejandro Rojas that he uses specially outfitted equipment he calls Skywatcher’s Mobile Unit (SMU) for UFO hunting.

The SMU, according to Lamoureux, consists of a regular camcorder, night vision and thermal cameras.

Lamoureux told Rojas that he was skywatching on the night of June 3, 2016, when he captured on camera a mysterious “orange plasma orb” UFO. He said he could judge, based on his decades-long experience as a UFO hunter, that the object was not a bird, a plane, a satellite or any other object commonly mistaken for UFOs.

He was able to capture the orb using a color night vision camera, but his thermal black and white camera was unable to reveal the object.

He noticed the strange object at about 11:45 p.m., on June 3, 2016, while watching the sky with his night vision camera.

“I noticed an orange fuzzy object and realized it was within 200 feet from me since I had to focus the camera,” Lamoureux said. “I know this because my camera is usually set for infinity and if I have to focus then I know the object must be within 200 feet.”

The UFO hunter described the UFO as a sphere or orb-shaped object. He also explained why he believed it was not a bird or other object commonly mistaken for UFOs by less experienced skywatchers.

“Most night vision captures I see, I can easily see wings if it’s a bird, bug or any other mundane object,” he explained.

He was also able to rule out the possibility that it was a balloon.

“This object was semi translucent, so I ruled out a balloon,” he said.

He also ruled out the possibility that it was trash — such as a plastic bag — being blown in the breeze because there was no wind at the time.

“I then followed it, and since it was fairly close, I looked directly at the sky and did not see anything,” he continued.

He then tried to use his thermal camera to pick up the object’s heat signature but the equipment was unable to detect any.

The UFO hunter pointed out that his camera is able to pick up the heat signatures of even small birds flying. In fact he was able to pick up the heat signature of a bird flying above the orb at the time.

The video shows the small bird — or heat-emitting object — flying above the mysterious orange orb. Although the bird appeared on the thermal and night vision cameras, the orb was invisible to the thermal camera and appeared only on the night vision.

Lamoureux’s thermal imager is able to show objects with different temperatures using color codes. But the fact that the orb was not visible on the thermal camera shows it was about the same temperature as the surrounding air or even cooler, Lamoureux explained.

“It’s been 15 months since my last witnessed event… This is the real deal and for sure 100 percent spherical.”

According to the UFO researcher, the mysterious object appeared to be about 80 degrees over the horizon, southwest of his position. He was also able to estimate that the object was flying at about 30 stories high because the night vision camera captured it flying past buildings.

The UFO hunter told Open Minds TV that he was convinced the object was not an ordinary flying object, such as a drone, a bird or trash being blown in the wind. He noted that the object had a perfect spherical shape.

“It’s been 15 months since my last witnessed event, and I skywatch almost every clear night since,” he said. “This is the real deal and for sure 100 percent spherical.”

He submitted the video to MUFON’s Marc D’Antonio, an experienced skywatcher himself, and expert video analyst.

“I looked at the video, and noticed that he is using the Luna Optics full-color MicroLux camera,” D’Antonio wrote in his report. “The sensitivity is about 0.3 lux so it is an interesting camera.”

“As for what he caught on the footage, it’s not very far away, it’s only about 100 feet away from him by his own admission,” D’Antonio continued.

According to D’Antonio, the fact that the object was filmed in an urban area increases the likelihood that it was trash floating in the wind. The analyst said he has found over the years that city trash floating in the wind is often mistaken for UFOs.

“It appeared to me to be more like a plastic bag flying around in the air,” D’Antonio said. “I am not saying that is what it is, but that would account for the reason why there is no thermal signature which he thought was very important.”

But Lamoureux pointed out that the object was evidently a perfect sphere, unlike a plastic bag and that the wind was very still at the time he filmed the object. He also noted that the video shows the object changing direction, unlike an object floating randomly in the breeze.

D’Antonia said his conclusion was only tentative and that it was not a final or definitive identification of the object. But he insisted that the evidence from the video was not sufficient to conclude that the object was of “extraterrestrial category.”

Open Minds TV’s Alejandro Rojas recalled that D’Antonio gave a similar opinion years ago when he was asked to investigate a UFO spotted over Las Vegas (see footage below).

UFO hunters have been scrutinizing Lamoureux’s video to form their own opinion.

What do you think?

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