Is The Clinton Foundation Humanitarian, A Conflict Of Interest, Or A Moving Target?

Supporters of Hillary Clinton for President pay little attention to the news that implies a Clinton Foundation scandal, about who Hillary Clinton takes money from, her email controversy, or the suggestions that she fumbled her involvement in the Benghazi attack.

Despite accusations of potential scandals from the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi and Email controversy, Hillary Clinton's supporters are standing behind her.
Hillary Clinton supporters gather at a rally in Fresno, California on June 4, 2016. [Image by John Locher / AP Photo]
Every candidate has carved out their own group of supporters whose numbers — when matched up against each other, largely depend on which candidate holds the greater and more acceptable consensus view of where the nation should go.

Despite all efforts to take down the Clinton Foundation, it’s difficult for critics to get enough of the moral support they need to stage a effective take-down.


The three main topics often associated with Hillary — as mentioned, are repeatedly stirred up in order to keep them on the table for at the very least, the remainder of campaign before it can only be referred to as character assassination.

During the week of the June 7 primary, the Inquisitr wrote about Bernie Sanders’ attack on Hillary Clinton over the Clinton Foundation’s financial dealings with dictators.

The article refers to those dealings as proof of there being a conflict of interest with the foundation, which on moral grounds deserves some scrutiny, but it also refers to those who are often attacking the organization simply because it’s associated with the Clintons, including Karl Rove, who the article also mentions is demanding that the IRS run an audit on the foundation.

This raises questions for the fact that Republicans have been public about wanting to crack down, specifically, on the Internal Revenue Service. Especially after it was reported that conservative nonprofit groups were getting special scrutiny when being selected to file.

Karl Rove wants the IRS to audit Clinton Foundation, which is a complete turn around from when he attacks the IRS for scrutinizing his nonprofit group.
Republican strategist Karl Rove speaking in Sacramento, Calif. March 2, 2013, started the American Crossroads Super PAC in order to raise funds to try and influence various elections for conservatives. These donors for those Super PACS are kept secret. [Image by Rich Pedroncelli / AP Photo]
The Huffington Post suggested back in 2014 that Republicans were outraged about this news in order to protect Karl Rove’s nonprofit group American Crossroads for Crossroads GPS.

One can also look back at a piece by the New York Times from 2013, which suggested that the Clinton Foundation was going through a transitional period, causing some unease within its ranks. The article also refers to the financial support the foundation receives from celebrities and the extravagant gatherings they hold, which certainly works into the image that the Clintons are elitists and disconnected from everyday Americans.


Judging from this report filed by ABC News, the Clinton Foundation clearly did special favors for one inexperienced individual, who is now a super-delegate.

While this certainly raises eyebrows, a top Clinton aide named Huma Mahmood Abedin is currently being attacked by the Trump campaign and conservative media as a terrorist agent, which fits in with the anti-Arab rhetoric that appears to be the norm from this new right-wing platform.

If one were to take the bulk of the attacks against Clinton, her staff, and fundraising organizations, we can see the majority of them are generated from controversial sources.

Currently, the Wall Street Journal has also written about former President Bill Clinton saying that he would rethink his role with the Clinton Foundation should Hillary become president due to a potential conflict of interest, which would beg to question who would step in aside from those who might already have some hand in raising money for other fundraising endeavors that are related to Hillary’s presidential campaign.

Conservative media is also accusing the Clinton Foundation of not disclosing the identity of foreign donors during Hillary’s time as secretary of State, which they say is not the way a non-profit should operate.

This should also raise the question of some potential hypocrisy on their part as conservative nonprofit groups also operate in the same secretive fashion which results in “dark money”.

As to the question of whether the organization is doing good work, in one case Hillary Clinton claimed that the Clinton Foundation helped lower the cost of drugs for 9 million AIDS patients, which PolitiFact rates as true.

The Inquisitr also admits to the good work as well.

“Still, the Clinton Foundation has done amazing work around the world. Its programs have worked towards providing clean water and food security and to prevent the worst effects of climate change. Major initiatives have focused on Africa, and the group has even secured lower prices from the pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers to subsidize health care in the developing world.”

In February however, the Washington Post reported that the State Department has issued a subpoena “last fall seeking documents about the charity’s projects that may have required approval from the federal government during Hillary Clinton’s term as secretary of state.”

Even with this, there’s no doubt that the Clinton Foundation will continue to be a target and heavily scrutinized, no matter what kind of work it does.

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