‘Sister Wives’ Drama: Fans React To Robyn Brown’s ‘Dangerous’ Home Birth — Ways They Put The Baby’s Life At Risk

The new Brown baby was born, and she received a clean bill of health. Ariella weighed nine pounds and nine ounces.

TLC fans got a front seat to Sister Wives star Robyn Brown giving birth to Kody Brown’s 18th child on Sunday night. The fans couldn’t stop talking about the conditions Robyn gave birth in, and thanked God it didn’t end in tragedy.

A home birth is not the norm, and many people are not used to seeing a baby being born in somewhat unsanitary conditions. The viewers felt that Robyn’s cluttered room was not the right place for her baby to come into the world. And, it wasn’t just Robyn’s room — the fans sounded off about April’s personal hygiene around the new baby.

The midwife didn’t tie her hair back, which is a no-no usually in a birthing situation. Even though she wore her gloves (as she should have), she touched other things in the room that could have made the baby sick or passed an infection on to Robyn.

The riskiest part of the delivery had to be the broken bone suffered in the delivery. Ariella (the Brown baby) had a condition known as shoulder dystocia, which means the shoulder was stuck in the birth canal. April (the midwife) tried to downplay the complication and broke the clavicle, which freed the baby from the birth canal.

Immediately following the birth, April claimed the baby was “pink and breathing great.” The fans saw a different picture — the baby was blue and seemed to be in need to temporary oxygen, probably due to the traumatic birth experience.

No one suggested that the child and Robyn should go to a hospital or doctor to get checked out. Did they ever take Ariella to a pediatrician? They seemed to put a most of their faith in the midwife’s (limited) expertise.

Many Sister Wives fans were disturbed by Robyn’s quiet demeanor during labor, All About The Tea reports. Kody credited Robyn’s wack-a-doodle mother for her ability to be able to labor quietly. Apparently, if you are loud in birth, it could program the baby for a negative life. She was encouraged to be “lady-like” in labor “no matter how much pain she endured.”

Right after Brown delivered her baby, the whole family flooded into the room to gander at the newest addition. The baby was barely minutes old, with a brown shoulder, and the whole family was passing her from person to person. It was almost painful to watch. And, no one suggested allowing Robyn, nor the baby, to rest privately.

Watching Brown’s behavior following her delivery, you could tell she knew she should have gone to the hospital, at least to get checked out following her rough birthing experience. Maybe she was scared to speak up, or maybe she just wanted to believe nothing was wrong, and her baby was perfect, despite having a broken bone.

Robyn Brown explained that she felt off the day of delivery, and she considered that she was going to have a complicated birth. Even so, she ignored her mother’s intuition and delivered the way Kody wanted her too. As Brown talked about it on the couch, tears streamed down her face, and you couldn’t help but feel bad for the woman. She felt oppressed, and she couldn’t speak up for herself or her child. You can tell as she was retelling the story, she was counting the times they just barely dodged losing their baby girl.

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