TNA News: Aroluxe Marketing Now Owns ‘TNA,’ Dixie Carter Stays On As Majority Owner Of Company

It has been rumored for months now that TNA Wrestling may be sold off. Other rumors claimed that they were only looking for investors. Most wondered how TNA was able to get investor interest, seeing as the company has only gone down in recent years. There is even a shot that they are removed from their Pop TV deal later this year after the network did not include them in Fall material when promoting the network shows last month.

Regardless, many wondered if and when TNA would be sold and who might buy it. Many TNA fans and even past fans feel that TNA can be better off with new management. However, TNA President Dixie Carter did not want to lose any power. This despite the fact that she is one of the main reasons TNA has failed over the years. Everyone who leaves TNA, especially the originals, claim that Carter was one of the main reasons they left the company they helped to build.

Due to the losses and rumored trouble financially, TNA needed investors. They sent out a public notice saying they were looking for investors, and were not looking to sell the majority of the company. There were said to be some interesting people who checked into the company. However, TNA eventually went with people from within. Ron and Don Harris have worked with TNA for some time, and their company, Aroluxe Marketing, had money to spare.

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According to PW Torch, Aroluxe Marketing now owns the “TNA” name. They took ownership of the name but not the entire company. Dixie Carter’s company still owns the names of Impact Ventures, TNA Entertainment, and TNA Wrestling. Carter also remains the majority owner of the company, despite the Aroluxe Marketing group’s ownership of the TNA name itself.

Aroluxe Marketing can now do business under the name of TNA, according to PWInsider. They, too, claim that Carter remains the owner of the company itself.

It was reported several times over the last few months that an investor was helping TNA with their television tapings by flying in talent and helping with hotel stay a bit. Apparently, the Harris brothers were behind this. The brothers and especially their employees have been overseeing production for TNA, as well. Aroluxe is also responsible for TNA’s payroll duties and will remain working with TNA on production for the Impact Wrestling tapings.

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Basically, TNA didn’t do anything they weren’t already doing, they just gave up their name partially. With this TNA name not being as big of a deal anymore due to the terrible issues the company has had over the years, it seems like Dixie Carter won out in this business deal. She also stays on as the owner of the major names the company uses publicly. “TNA” is simply something people use to talk about the company at the water cooler or online.

You can market it well enough, but what comes from it, really? Sure, the Harris Brothers now own a name that is relatively well known. However, what can they truly do with it? On top of this, they’re handling payroll, an area the company has had problems with on more than one occasion the past number of years. That means the talent win a bit, knowing they’ll get paid.

Really, what was gained here other than Dixie Carter having a load of money to use whenever she needs it? Why would anyone invest in TNA as it is going down? The brothers have worked with TNA for some, which may be why they’re more than happy to stay on the sinking ship. TNA may have never had any other major investor who was willing to give up so much for so little. In the end, all that changed here is that Aroluxe Marketing gained ownership of a name and now hands over money. Yet, they do not own the major part of the TNA company itself.

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