Brock Turner Update: Victim’s Sister Writes Scathing Letter, Court Documents Reveal Lies And Aggression

The sister of the victim sexually assaulted by Brock Turner wrote a scathing letter to the former Stanford University swimmer, blasting him for ruining her sister’s life.

The New York Daily News reports that the letter was part of the 470 pages of court documents made public by the Santa Clara County court after Turner was convicted of raping the victim, whose name is undisclosed, on January 17, 2015.

The victim’s sister was visiting her hometown in Santa Clara when the assault occurred. She invited her sister to a frat party, where they both met Turner. Later that night, Turner digitally penetrated the unconscious victim behind a dumpster near the Kappa Alpha fraternity house.

The letter begins with the victim’s sister explaining how Turner’s actions have not only left her sister scarred for life but also caused her severe depression.

“My message to Brock Turner is that the damage you inflicted is irreversible. What has affected me most is that you did something to someone I love that I cannot take back. In this last year and half, I have experienced some of the lowest points in my entire life. I have felt more sadness, guilt, and anger than I have ever felt. But I would go through what I’ve suffered a million times over if it meant that I could take away what you did to my sister.”

The victim’s sister also indicated that she never found her sister that night after endlessly looking throughout numerous frat rooms, hallways, and yelling for her over and over. When she was told how her sister was found, she was shocked and devastated. She learned how her sister was found from the police report that went viral online.

“I had to read about the way her body was found. I realized that the reason I could not find her that night, after checking every room in the fraternity house, after yelling her name outside, was because she had been unconscious and hidden behind a dumpster. That she was naked from the waist down.”

According to the police report, the victim was found unconscious, lying in a fetal position behind the dumpster, with her dress pulled up and pine needles matted in her hair. It’s something that her sister now lives with daily, especially after Turner tried to kiss her twice that night, seemingly out of nowhere.

“I still have an image of the assailant right before he tried to kiss me earlier in the evening; the face of the man who assaulted my sister, is burned in my memory.”

Meanwhile, KTLA 5 reports that court documents back up the sister’s claims of Turner’s actions. After the sister rejected Turner’s advances at least twice, he turned his attention towards the victim while she was “alone and inebriated.”

Another witness who was at the same frat party told investigators that Turner was extremely aggressive towards her as well. He grabbed her by the waist several times and put his hands on her stomach and thighs during a dance. She admitted that Turner made her feel violated.

Furthermore, Turner lied several times about drug use to the probation department and suggested that the first time he ever drank was at a Stanford swim party.

“He was not truthful with the probation department or this Court about his experience with drinking and partying, much like he was not truthful about taking advantage of (redacted)… much like he was not truthful with the aftermath of being caught by Good Samaritans.”

Detectives obtained evidence from Turner’s cell phone that he not only drank frequently but also used drugs. Authorities found a photo of him smoking from a pipe, another photo of him smoking from a bong, and another of him drinking from a liquor bottle. Text messages also revealed that Turner did drugs in high school, including acid and marijuana.

Brock Turner was sentenced to six months in jail and three years probation for the 2015 rape, but according to the Associated Press, he may end up only serving three months behind bars. The light sentence caused an outpour of rage across the nation and has been compared to the case of Ethan Couch, the “affluenza teen” who only received probation after killing four people during a drunk driving accident in 2013.

[Image via Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department]

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