Chad Johnson Allowed On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Despite Threats, Violence On National Television

Chad Johnson was sent home on Tuesday night’s episode of The Bachelorette, but this season’s villain won’t be giving up reality television for good. According to Us Weekly, Chad has inked a deal to join Bachelor in Paradise, which will air over the summer on ABC.

What seems to be tripping some fans up is that ABC actually offered Chad Johnson a spot on the show. The fact that Chad got violent in the Bachelor mansion while trying to win JoJo Fletcher’s heart should have been enough of a reason to keep this guy off of television. While a Bachelorette villain certainly brings the drama, someone who is violent and who makes threats against other people should cause ABC to draw a line.

“The former Marine got physically aggressive with Fletcher’s other suitors, punched a door, and even threatened to ‘cut everyone here’s legs off’ causing producers to have to hire an onsite security guard to watch over the loose cannon.”

Chad Johnson could have easily been a product of clever editing, which may have made him look worse to viewers than he actually was, but it seems like most of the guys in the house saw a very aggressive side of him. While the guys may not have felt threatened by Chad, the things this guy said — and did — weren’t actually cool.

“I don’t think he was villainized. I think he was truly villainous,” said another JoJo Fletcher suitor, Alex Woytkiw.

So, if Chad was really such a problem, why would ABC invite him back to be in “paradise” with a bunch of other Bachelor/ette alums? Okay, we get it. Chad Johnson is a really good-looking guy. In fact, Chad was an early favorite before the show even aired. Some fans may even go so far as to say that Chad was the best-looking guy out of the whole group. But we all quickly learned that important recurring life lesson: Looks aren’t everything.

It’s hard to say why producers have decided to bring Chad Johnson back to our living rooms this summer. If things were so intense that there needed to be a security guard at the Bachelor mansion, why would anyone think that it would be a good idea for him to be a part of another television show? At what point do we say that the ratings aren’t worth it and that anyone threatening physical harm against another person shouldn’t be a form of entertainment? If you want to watch people fight, there are sports for that. But watching a guy threaten others for silly reasons and punch doors between push-up sets? We can do better than this!

Chad Johnson has gone through a lot in his life. He recently lost his mom, for instance. But does that make threatening physical violence okay? It’s a slippery slope for Bachelor in Paradise producers. Many fans felt that Chad should have been kicked off The Bachelorette for threatening to hurt some of the other guys in the house — especially after what he said to Jordan — but he was allowed to stay. And now we know that Johnson’s time in the limelight is going to continue.

And let’s not forget that Chad Johnson is now a dollar sign in the eyes of those who get paid when these shows do well. And by him being a total jerk, he also ended up making himself more valuable. According to Wet Paint, Bachelor/ette alums get paid for going on Bachelor in Paradise. You can bet that Chad is getting paid to be on the show. How much do you think Chad Johnson is worth?

Do you think that allowing Johnson to be on another reality show after what he did and the violence he displayed is the right move for ABC? While everyone deserves to find love, there are real heroes in the world who don’t need to flex their tough guy muscles to get ahead in life. Do you agree?

Bachelor in Paradise — starring Chad Johnson — premieres on August 2 on ABC. Will you be tuning in?

[Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC]

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