Monster Truck Accident Injures Three At Oregon Event

Harrisburg, OR – A monster truck accident on Saturday has sent three people to the hospital, according to the Associated Press. The driver of the oversized vehicle reportedly lost control during an event at the Harrisburg MotorSports Complex, sending the truck over a protective barrier and into the stands.

Roughly 30 minutes into Saturday afternoon’s “Monster Air 2012” event in Harrisburg, spectators watched helplessly as the monster truck piloted by driver Kyle Atchley suddenly found its way towards the designated seating area. Authorities explained the truck then crashed into a eight-to-ten foot barrier, which may played a part in the reported injuries.

Dustin Earls, who captured the accident on video, told CNN that the monster truck, a 1975 Ford pickup outfitted with four enormous tires, was headed towards a mud pit in front of the audience when the vehicle lost control. “The truck got a little wild and he hit the mud pit. I thought, ‘This guy’s just messing around; he’ll hit his brakes right here,'” Earls said. “I heard his axle snap as soon as he hit the mud. As soon as he hit that line, he lost control of his steering and his brakes.”

As soon as the truck came to a stop, Earls told police that the driver immediately popped out of the cab to check on the wounded. He later told authorities that, when his truck entered the mud pit, his back tires spun out. It was around this point that he lost control, sending his vehicle careening towards the stands. When the monster truck hit the barricade, it reportedly came off the ground and landed on several spectators.

Sargent Kevin Guilford explained to the Associated Press that none of the injuries at the monster truck rally are considered life-threatening. However, the statuses of those who were hurt were not available at the time of this writing.

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