Strip Club Offering Dancers To Pay For College Tuition

Leopard’s Lounge in Windsor, Ontario, have found a way to deal with recent changes in Canadian Immigration Laws that make it harder for the adult venue to find willing strippers. They have decided to offer women money towards a higher education in return for them being willing to take off their clothes on stage.

Canadian television is reporting that the club is willing to give $1,700 in tuition stipends for dancers who want to attend local community colleges of the University of Windsor. They are even requiring that for the women to qualify they must maintain a B- average in their class work.

Robert Katzman, owner of the Leopard’s Lounge, told the Toronto Sun:

“The girls can take any class they want to help better themselves. We have girls studying business, finance, to become nursing assistants and one taking chiropractory.”

General manager Barry Maroon told the Windsor Star that classes are just starting so get your applications in when you can. Maroon said:

“We’ve already had two girls call from Toronto who were very much interested,”

Canada has recently tightened visa laws and women who are coming to Canada in order to dance at adult entertainment venues no longer qualify. Katzman and Maroon both say that dancing at their club is the way plenty of women have put themselves through college. Now they are making it official.

Sheila Hageman, a former stripper and Huffington Post blogger, says that dancers who have college degrees tend to earn higher tips than those that don’t. She said:

“Some customers want to know more about the dancer and might tip more if they know she’s in college trying to better herself,”

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