WWE News: Daniel Bryan Attends First WWE Live Event Since Retirement, Will He Take Major Behind-The-Scenes Role?

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan sadly had to officially retire earlier this year from pro wrestling. He spent the better part of his life invested in becoming one of the best wrestlers on the planet, and he succeeded in becoming just that. However, injuries caught up with the former WWE World Champion. His latest concussion caused several issues, and it was found that due to the various concussions he sustained in his career, he had to step away from the ring to keep him from getting hurt further and ruining the rest of his life.

The bad thing when it came to Daniel Bryan was that many felt he still wanted to get back in the ring. In fact, WWE seems to be refusing to release Bryan and have frozen his contract with the company until he does something within the business.

They have offered him countless roles, only to be turned down because Bryan was so bent on returning to the ring whenever he could get enough doctors and medical evidence to show that the WWE doctor was wrong.

Bryan retires
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Finally, Bryan had it proven to him that he needed to leave the profession he loved, which took a lot out of the American Dragon. He mentioned on the WWE 24 series that he needed to step away from the WWE for a while because of how hard it was to leave. No one could blame him for this, as it made total sense considering he loved being in the ring so much. In his short time with WWE, Bryan became a legend that no one will ever forget. He gave us moments we’ll always remember, and he gave us greatness that few could offer. All must step away eventually, and that can’t be easy.

However, those possible issues Bryan had may now be out the window. According to the Daily Wrestling News, Daniel Bryan attended the WWE NXT tapings on Thursday. While that may not seem like a big deal, it is when you consider the fact that Bryan has not attended a WWE event of any kind since he retired. It was reported that he spent most of his time in the gorilla position, where he would watch a great deal of the show. It was even rumored that he let his opinion be known a few times.

According to PWInsider, WWE offered him various roles upon his retirement. While some were offered before he made his retirement official as mentioned earlier, WWE felt that afterward it would still be good to keep him in the company doing something of use. Clearly, Daniel Bryan has expertise that the WWE can use to help talent of all ages. One role rumored to have been offered to him consisted of him working with WWE NXT.

Daniel Bryan
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The role was in a training position, but some feel he would possibly appear on camera from time to time. While this is only a rumor as of now, it does look like WWE is trying to ease him into it by having him do behind-the-scenes material with NXT. It would be great for Daniel Bryan to do something in this area or even have a role as a producer with the main roster. Having Bryan help with choreographing matches and even helping with storylines couldn’t hurt whatsoever.

His experience level in the world of pro wrestling starts from the independent world and ends at the top of the profession with WWE. If there is anyone who knows what it takes to succeed, it is Daniel Bryan. With his size, look, and everything in between, Bryan should not have succeeded in the WWE. Yet, he still managed to do so and had moments in the company that we will never forget. He is a Hall of Fame talent if there ever was one. Why in the world would WWE want to lose that? Clearly, that’s why they offered him various roles. WWE wouldn’t want to lose someone who could make the company better.

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