'Pokemon Sun' And 'Moon': Official Corocoro Leak Reveals New Alola Pokemon And New Forms For Solgaleo And Lunala!

Scans of the Japanese gaming magazine Corocoro have just leaked, revealing yet another Pokemon Sun and Moon news dump, and this one is a doozy!

To be more specific, the news includes the first actual profiles of new Alola Pokemon other than the starter Pokemon or the legendary Pokemon, all of which were initially shown off in a Pokemon Sun and Moon news dump on May 10.

According to go-to Pokemon news source Serebii, one of the Pokemon revealed in the Corocoro leak is called Nekkoala, and it is a normal-type koala-inspired Pokemon. Fans have been waiting for a Pokemon based on a koala for a long time, as just about every "animals I'd like to see made into Pokemon" YouTube video can attest, so the Pokemon community is going crazy over this particular droopy-eyed pocket monster.
Another very notable trait of Nekkoala is its brand new ability, which is called "Definite Sleep." The ability prevents Nekkoala from being afflicted by any status condition other than sleep. Long-time Pokemon YouTuber Shadypenguinn points out that "Definite Sleep" is "probably one of the best abilities I've ever heard of being introduced to the game," so competitive Pokemon players can expect Nekkoala (or its evolution Pokemon, if it has any) to be a familiar site in Pokemon's wifi battling scene.
The other new Pokemon revealed is Iwanko, a Pokemon based on a mid-sized dog. Iwanko has technically already been seen in one of Pokemon Sun and Moon's trailers, but it was only seen from the back, and it was only included in the clip for a split second before it was out of frame.
Perhaps the most notable thing about Iwanko, other than its name and appearance, is its typing - it is a pure rock-type Pokemon. According to Bulbapedia, Pokemon has only included nine pure rock-types as of yet, making Iwanko's typing fairly distinctive. Even though it is not the most common Pokemon typing, though, pure rock-type is not bad, being resistant to four types (flying, normal, fire, and poison). Unfortunately, it is also weak to four Pokemon types: fighting, ground, water, and grass.

Iwanko has the abilities "Keen Eye" and "Vital Spirit," both of which were available in previous Pokemon titles.

Besides the new Pokemon, Corocoro revealed new forms for Pokemon Sun and Moon's mascot legendary Pokemon, Solgaleo and Lunala.

It says Solgaleo's alternate form is called "Rising Phase." While he takes the form, Corocoro says, Solgaleo becomes more like the sun (whatever than means) and is at the maxim of its power. Solgaleo can be seen in this phase in the June 3 Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer when he glows white during his "Sunsteel Strike" attack.

Lunala's form is called its "Full Moon Phase." During the phase, Lunala calls the moon (again, the meaning of that is up to interpretation) and the outline of its wings glows white, further illuminating the Pokemon's bony design. Like Solgaleo's form change, Lunala's Full Moon Phase can be seen when it uses its signature attack, "Moongeist Beam," in the June 3 trailer.

Lastly, the Corocoro leak gave Pokemon fans about the QR code-scanning feature already announced for Pokemon Sun and Moon, as well as a few hints about the upcoming Magearna-based Pokemon movie.

It was also hinted that Iwanko, along with Litten, Popplio, and Rowlet (the three starter Pokemon) all hide a secret. What could that mean?

If past news reveals patterns leading up to Pokemon main series games are any guide, Pokemon fans can expect to start seeing a steady flow of new Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon being revealed. The next Pokemon news dump may take place during the live stream of "Nintendo Treehouse," which will take place at 9 a.m. PST on June 14 and will be available on Nintendo's official YouTube channel.

Keep that hype train rolling, Pokemon nation. Only five months to go until the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon!

What is your guess as to the mysterious secret Iwanko and the starter Pokemon are hiding? Could it have something to do with alchemy, as many Pokemon theorists have suggested? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Image via Pokemon Company]