‘The 100’ Season 4: Solving The Nuclear Threat – Jasper To Save The World? Writers Give Fans Clues [Spoilers]

The 100 Season 4 is currently being written. However, fans do know what the storyline is about due to Alie’s (Erica Cerra) words to Clarke (Eliza Taylor) in the Season 3 finale. Many are wondering if the Sky Crew will successfully deal with the nuclear threat or if Alie was lying about the power plant situation. Recently, the writers of the post-apocalyptic series gave some clues on social media.

Warning: The 100 Season 4 spoilers are ahead!

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there are a lot of theories on what will happen in Season 4 of The 100. Some fans believe Alie was telling the truth, but others think the artificial intelligence villain was lying. If she was stating a fact, then how will the Sky Crew stop the nuclear threat from making the world uninhabitable in just six months? Can Clarke and the others save the world, as E! News brought up in the Season 3 finale recap? Or are the Arkadians just meant to survive it?

New details are emerging and it sounds like the nuclear threat in The 100 Season 4 is real. The show has a writer’s account on Instagram. A photo was posted showing a scientific formula. Underneath, the words pressure, volume, rate, and temperature were written. One person stated that the “R” is gas constant, not rate. Due to not taking chemistry in school, the experts will have to settle that debate.

Many of the comments on the Instagram photo were asking creator Jason Rothenberg and the others in charge to bring back Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey). However, one fan brought up an important point and possible spoiler for Season 4 of The 100.

“Everyone’s forgetting that Jasper aced chemistry class back on the Ark,” Instagram user nibuat commented. “He even said so to Raven in Season 1.”

Could Jasper Jordan (Devon Bostick) be the one who saves the world in Season 4 of The 100? The character has not had it easy the past few seasons. Jasper lost his girlfriend, Maya, in a horribly tragic way. He began drinking and acting crazy during the first half of Season 3. Many wondered if Jasper was intentionally trying to get himself killed. He seemed to be better as the season finale approached. Unfortunately, it turned out that Jasper took Alie’s chip. This made him a threat to Raven (Lindsey Morgan), Monty (Christopher Larkin), and everyone else at one of the most crucial moments in the entire season.

It might be time for Jasper to have a positive storyline and one that could make him a hero. However, he won’t be able to do it alone. Jasper will need the help of others, especially those with other skills. He could pair up with Raven, since she is good with computers and has impressive mechanical skills. She is also tech-savvy, knows how to think outside the box, and has an impressive ability to improvise, even when under pressure and time constraints. If Jasper can come with the solution, maybe Raven can create something to stop the nuclear threat in Season 4 of The 100. If it can’t be stopped, perhaps Jasper and Raven can come up with an idea on how to lessen the impact.

What do you think of the nuclear storyline for next season? Will Jasper Jordan save the world in Season 4 because of his chemistry knowledge? Will Raven Reyes use her computer, mechanical, and tech skills to be part of the solution? Or is the power plant crisis simply too big for the Sky Crew to handle?

No premiere date has been announced for The 100 Season 4. However, many media outlets are reporting it will not air on The CW network until early 2017. Until then, all fans can do is look for more clues and speculate on what will happen next.

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