Guccifer Hacked Hillary Clinton, The Bush Family, And More: Here Is A Peek Into His World

Guccifer is brilliantly creative. In addition to being a very adept hacker, his creative writing and way with words are among his more notable characteristics. He has a flair for the dramatic, using metaphor and imagery when speaking or writing. Like many highly intelligent, creative people, Guccifer has a worldview that is divergent from the common thought. Some might call him paranoid, a conspiracy theorist, or even delusional. Nonetheless, his ideas are interesting, and his way of expressing them is riveting.

Hillary Clinton, an authoritarian neoliberal, is his antithesis. Comparing his mind with hers is a bit like comparing an exploding nuclear reactor to a stretch of train track. Her goal driven, singular thoughts contrast sharply with his considerably more complex, intuitive, and completely non-standard processes. Perhaps this is among the reasons Guccifer finds her rise to power so objectionable. For whatever reason, Guccifer has labeled her a villain in his worldview. His goal is to expose her as corrupt and to overthrow her cabal of allies.

Guccifer’s passionate and extremely biased speech might border on paranoia at times, but with a complexity of frenetic cadence that shows an ability to hold many ideas at once. He has the writing style of a modern day Edgar Allen Poe taking on political science fiction. His “Guccifer Letter From Prison” published on Cryptome, is both amazing and bizarre.

Hillary Clinton, one of his favorite foes, is in his mind a danger to the world, an evil that must be exposed to the light of day, but she is not alone. She is part of a dangerous cabal of powerful people, according to Guccifer. His list of villains includes the Bush family, the Koch Family, and blue-blooded wealthy people from all over the world.

Guccifer sometimes speaks in a language of riddle and metaphor. It is hard to know if he means things literally or figuratively or if he believes all that he says, but from his own accounts, he is driven to discover more about the group he seeks to expose, a group he refers to as the Illuminati. Before dismissing him as yet another conspiracy theorist, readers might remember where he’s been and what he has seen. After all, he has read the Clinton emails, hacked into Tony Blair’s private documents, and has copies of the Bush family’s personal photos, just to name a few of his conquests.

Hillary Clinton was not the only political figure to be hacked by Guccifer. Years ago, this illustrious Romanian hacked the Bush family, first gaining access to the email of Dorthy Bush Koch. He obtained personal details about Dorthy’s father and brother, both former presidents of the United States.

Guccifer has proof of this hack in the form of personal family photos displayed on the Smoking Gun. More importantly, though, and far more valuable to him than pictures, he got her contacts, which supplied the young activist with more email addresses of important people to hack.

Guccifer claims to have photos of George W. Bush in a KKK hood.

“From the Facebook platform of the American secretary, I kept pictures and took screen captures from the email account of Dorothy Koch Bush, the only sister of President George W. Bush. Including pictures in which Bush wears a KU-KLUX-KLAN hood!!”

Guccifer has hopscotched his way into the email accounts of hundreds of celebrities, business people, and political leaders from around the world. He claims to have hacked Tony Blair and many members of British Parliament.

Bush Family Portrait by The White House c
Bush Family Portrait [Photo by The White House/Getty Images]

Guccifer has gifted publications all over the world with information from his hacking. His deepest hope is in bringing down what he perceives as wickedness in very high places. Guccifer presented RT with some fascinating emails in March 2013.

Hillary Clinton and Sid Blumenthal’s email conversation regarding Benghazi, Libya, was given to RT. There is some incredibly sensitive information in these, and while they may have doubted the authenticity of the emails at the time, the mere fact Guccifer has been extradited give credence to his work. Guccifer speaks about his findings in his online letter from prison, on Cryptome.

“As far as the content of the emails is concerned, apart from the charts of ultra-secret CIA operations in Europe and North Africa – Libya’s entropy was in full progress – and substantial dialogues between Blumenthal and various decision factors in the Near Orient and leaders of the Arab Brotherhood, by far the most fruitful ‘prey’ I got my hands on were the CIA briefings that Sid unofficially transmitted to Hillary Clinton, then sitting on the chair of state secretary.”

Guccifer concluded from Hillary’s email that she did profit from clandestine information provided by Mr. Blumenthal and others. He also notes that he is aware Hillary Clinton is breaking the law by using a private email address.

“Hillary Clinton profited fully from the information supplied by the Blumenthal-Shearer-Drumheller-Grange clandestine network in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Especially that in 2011 and 2012 – the apex of the Libyan crisis – according to personnel lists, the American State Department didn’t have a bureau chief in Libya, and in the entire Maghreb – Algeria, Tunisia, Libya – were only two employees of the department on official duty. All this secret information was sent to Hillary on a private email address (!) hdr22[at], and not on an official address like American law demands!”

Guccifer, an impoverished Romanian national, was aware Hillary Clinton was breaking the law by using her private server.

Sidney Blumenthal by Chip Somodevilla c
Sidney Blumenthal [Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

Hillary Clinton’s friend Sid Blumenthal received the dubious honor of a few descriptive paragraphs in the online letter from prison published by Cryptome. It could easily be said that perhaps the wording reveals more of the writer than of the subject, especially since there is no reason to think Guccifer ever met Mr. Blumenthal. Nonetheless, the description is a fascinating detail of the open letter, much of which is written in the third person.

“In March 2013, Guccifer succeeded in penetrating the email accounts of Sidney, ‘The Vicious Sid’ Blumenthal, a known press man from Chicago and the person closest to the Clintons. A man with a sordid reputation… who over decades didn’t spare any effort to cover up or carry out the crimes, blackmails, threats of the Clintons against political adversaries or business partners. With a simple Internet search, anyone can find a multitude of articles written by American journalists about the crimes and drug dealing to which ‘the Clintons’ have stooped in the eighties. Later, some of these journalists have disappeared or have died in suspicious accidents. F.B.I. – one of the basic “tools” of the Illuminati – ‘took care’ that none of the crimes of the Clintons would reach justice!”

More than any other publication, though, Guccifer supplies the Smoking Gun with his choice hacked finds, which they devotedly publish online.

Guccifer Hacked Hillary Clinton at least twice, copying her emails and, in his mind at least, collecting more information about the Occult Organization of the Illuminati. He delights in making reference to his theories about them.

“The hacking of the Facebook page of the American secretary with over 100 thousand fans/ supporters had appeared that very day as news in the American press. Colin Powell became the latest victim of Guccifer! The hacking took place on 11 March, a day with ritualic meanings in Freemason and pagan calendars!”

Guccifer referred to yet another email, which acknowledges some very old conspiracy theories and claiming to prove them.

“An email in which a person, C.E.O. in an important British press trust, was asking Powell to remind Tony Blair to participate in the annual meeting in California for the occult satanist organization ‘BOHEMIAN GROVE’ made the object of a very popular article on Russia Today! To dispel any doubt, a document written and signed by hand by the ex-British Prime Minister himself was published; this document proves Tony Blair’s belonging to the infamous esoteric organization, and it bears the sigil ‘Hacked by Guccifer’.”

Guccifer believes he is fighting evil when he takes aim at Hillary Clinton and other powerful individuals. His view of the world is far different than that of the mainstream, but is this because he has evidence or because he sees his evidence through the lens of his own unusual point of view?

Hillary Clinton’s coming hearings and trials will bring out new evidence collected by Guccifer and others. Readers should be sure to watch for more news of him as it should prove very interesting as always.

Guccifer and Hillary Clinton may face each other at some point during the hearings that are certain to follow the FBI investigation.

[Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

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