Mystery ‘Floating UFO Ship’ Seen By Thousands Off Florida’s Cocoa Beach Was A Fata Morgana Mirage [Video]

A tourist recently captured eerie footage that appears to show a mysterious “floating ship” or “flying boat” cruising in the air over the ocean off Cocoa Beach in Florida.

The sighting predictably sparked confrontation between UFO enthusiasts and skeptics. While UFO and paranormal enthusiasts insisted it was an alien UFO, skeptics insisted it was not a UFO or a flying ship but a rare form of optical illusion called a “Fata Morgana.”

According to experts, Fata Morgana is a form of optical illusion created on land or sea when light is bent or refracted as it passes through layers of air with different densities after having been heated to different temperatures by the Sun.

The refraction or bending of light rays passing through layers of air at different densities distorts the presentation of objects in space to the senses so that some appear to be floating in the air.

The tourist reportedly filmed the strange footage from the balcony of his house overlooking the ocean at Cocoa Beach and uploaded the footage to YouTube on June 1, 2016, under the YouTube username Friend N Feeder, saying, “I took of a rare Fata Morgana Mirage at Cocoa Beach, FL!”

The tourist also shared the footage on SnapChat.

The eerie footage appears to show a large vessel floating in the air above the horizon over the ocean at Cocoa Beach in Florida.

UFO blogger Scott C. Waring expectedly rejected the theory that the “floating boat” was a rare Fata Morgana mirage.

Declaring the incident a UFO sighting, he wrote, “This looks to me like a UFO that has risen out of the water and is hovering over the water.”

The UFO hunter argued that aliens have been known to disguise their UFO presence so that humans confuse sightings with a variety of natural phenomena, such as meteors, clouds, and mirages.

“UFOs often try to disguise themselves; that is not news to most of us,” he argued. “They make themselves look like meteors as they enter the atmosphere. They make themselves look like passenger jets, but morph.”

“Now we have evidence that they make themselves look like ships… but they fly. You see, they can play their tricks all they want, but sooner or later they get caught,” he concluded.

But other conspiracy theorists suggested it could be a hologram projected in the air to test-run the eventual implementation of Project Blue Beam, an alleged plan by the NWO-Illuminati to take over the world and inaugurate the rule of the Anti-Christ by simulating the second coming of Jesus or an alien invasion of Earth.

Still, other conspiracy theorists argued that the “flying ship” could be an intrusion into our dimension of space and time from a parallel universe.

But only dyed-in-the-wool UFO fanatics and conspiracy theorists find such exotic theories convincing.

“Is it an alien craft, a hologram deliberately put in the sky or it is something that appears from a parallel universe?”

Below are samples of previous astounding Fata Morgana mirage footage that have surfaced online in the past.

For instance, the video below, taken in 2010, appears to show a sailboat floating on thin air.

The feeling of unreality is enhanced by the enigmatic giant apple, reportedly placed on the beach as part of a TV commercial being filmed at the time, coincidentally.

“That was the perfect mirage, the fog, the ocean, the light, and your brain.”

The YouTube video below also shows Fata Morgana mirage images that went viral online last year.

On October 7, 2015, thousands of residents of Foshan in Guangdong province reportedly sighted a “ghostly alien city” of skyscrapers floating in the air. The strange sighting occurred reportedly after thousands in the province of Jiangxi sighted a similar apparition in the sky.

In 2011, residents of Huangshan City in the southern Anhui province also reported sighting structures resembling a city with skyscrapers floating mid-air.

The spate of sightings sparked conspiracy theory rumors that governments were testing the latest Project Blue Beam technology in preparation for world takeover by the global NWO-Illuminati elite. But others claimed the sightings could be evidence that the CERN LHC experiments may have ruptured the fabric of space and time and caused the intrusion of a parallel universe into ours.

The video below shows yet another intriguing Fata Morgana mirage. It appears to show islands floating on water.

The word “Fata” is derived from the Latin for “fairy,” while “Morgana” refers to the sorceress Morgan le Fey of the King Arthur legend.

As mentioned earlier, a Fata Morgana mirage occurs when light rays pass between different layers of atmosphere that have different temperatures and consequently different densities.

The transition to a medium with a different density bends or refracts the light ray in the same manner as when light rays pass from air into a prism. It is also similar to what you see when you place a rod inside a deep bucket of water. The rod appears displaced in the water.

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