Brock Turner’s Mother: Carleen Turner’s Letter To Judge Persky Doesn’t Mention Rape Survivor

The letter that Carleen Turner wrote to Judge Aaron Persky on behalf of her son, Brock Turner, is going viral. As reported by the Inquisitr, a petition to get Judge Persky removed from the bench also went viral. As of this writing, the petition titled “Remove Judge Aaron Persky from the Bench For Decision in Brock Turner rape case” has gotten more than 1 million signatures.

The news about the Facebook support page that had been set up for financial support for Dan and Carleen — Brock’s parents — also went viral, along with updates after the page had been removed. Now Carleen’s letter to Judge Persky, as reported by Heavy, is getting its fair share of views online.

Carleen’s letter begins by thanking Judge Perskey for the chance to be introduced to “Brock Turner — the REAL Brock Allen Turner,” as Carleen wrote. She went on to note how proud she was to call Brock her son, waxing nostalgic about his younger days as a kind little boy.

Carleen went on to write words that, in hindsight of Brock’s light sentencing, likely read as uncaring to the public when focused on Brock and not his sexual assault victim. The mother recalled how Brock was humble and somewhat introverted, but loved to smile. However, since being found guilty of three sexual assault charges, Carleen wrote that Brock stopped smiling.

“Since the verdict, [Brock] has not smiled. The expression on his face is one of pure pain and anguish. It is heart-breaking.”

Brock enjoyed having his mother as a stay-at-home mom most of his life. When Brock’s brother and sister went off to college, it gave Brock the opportunity to be sort of like an only child during three of his high school years, noted Carleen. She also called him respectful and polite as a Cub Scout who sat with a 90-year-old woman on her porch as a young boy, just so Brock could sell her popcorn that she couldn’t eat.

The letter from Brock’s mother makes him sound like a choir boy as she describes Brock not having much time at all for a social life. She also described the special things Brock did for his girlfriend.

Carleen then went on to describe that the Turner family moved from one house to another in order to downsize on the same weekend that Brock called them about the sexual assault. Carleen wrote that she views their new house as a house of horrors — one in which she doesn’t want to hang her beloved family photos on the walls.

“How can I? We will never be happy again. Those happy family times are gone forever, replaced by despair, fear, depression, anxiety, doubt, and dread. I don’t think I have been able to take a deep breath since this happened. My first thought upon wakening every morning is ‘this isn’t real, this can’t be real. Why him? Why HIM? WHY? WHY?’ I have cried every single day since Jan. 18. This is on my mind every moment. But in the months leading up to the trial, we had hope. Brock told us what happened and his accounting of the events of that night never changed from the first time he told us everything. He was a shy and awkward 19-year old, far away from home trying to fit in with the swimmers he idolized. He is the most trust-worthy and honest person I know. He was telling the truth. We knew once he had to opportunity to tell what happened this would all go away.”

Brock’s troubles didn’t go away. Carleen wrote about the guilty verdict breaking her heart. Brock lost weight and trembles. His mother called him “utterly terrified and traumatized,” all the while calling the Turner family devastated beyond belief.

While Carleen’s letter focuses on sparing Brock’s life, not once does Turner mention his sexual assault victim.

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