‘Indiana Jones 5’ Impossible To Escape For Harrison Ford And John Williams

Indiana Jones is well known for getting in and then getting out of trouble. The man who plays the lovable movie character recently said that Indiana Jones might have set a bit of a trap for some of the people who are part of the franchise, or at least the music best known to accompany the Indiana Jones movies is inescapable. Harrison Ford, the man who has already said he’ll be returning for the film series’ fifth installment, recently talked about how he felt about the character and the movies in general.

While Ford likes his Indiana Jones character more than he does his Star Wars rogue pilot Han Solo, he said he just can’t escape the theme music, saying it “follows him everywhere.” Ford made the comments while he was speaking at the American Film Institute Life Achievement Gala, which was being held to celebrate the creator of the Indiana Jones theme song, John Williams.

“They play it every time I walk on stage, every time I walk off a stage. It was playing in the operating room when I went in for my colonoscopy,” Harrison Ford said, according to WBT.com.

While the legendary star was most likely joking about disliking the song, there’s very little doubt he’s easily recognized for more than one of his starring roles. Ford is one of those actors who fans might blank on his name, but they’ll know him as Indiana Jones or Han Solo an instant after seeing him. The actor underlined this phenomenon with the story of the time he was walking down a New York City street and he realized he had been recognized.

“I was walking down a crowded street in New York a couple of months ago and there was a big fire truck stuck in traffic that I passed in the opposite direction…By the time I got to the end of the truck that music was blaring out of the loud speakers in the truck!”

Indy’s theme jokes aside, the actor was also quick to praise John Williams for his long work in the movie industry. The composer may not be as easily recognizable, but his music has been the backbone for just about every blockbuster franchise that popped up in the past 30 or 40 years. Williams is responsible for the theme and music in the Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jaws, Harry Potter, and Superman movies.

While Harrison Ford is unable to escape the theme song for the Indiana Jones movies, it appears both he and Williams are also unable to escape participating in more movies. ScreenCrush is reporting producer Steven Spielberg recently confirmed that John Williams is going to be coming back to compose the music for Indiana Jones 5. It should be pointed out this is one of the least surprising developments in Hollywood, but at least it confirms Indiana Jones 5 is going to have a lot of the people involved that made the first movies great.

Not only has Williams agreed to team up (kind of) with Harrison Ford again, but he’s also going to continue making the music for the upcoming Star Wars films. Ford, of course, just finished his run as a character in the new trilogy of Star Wars films when Han Solo was killed off. This was likely a huge relief to Ford, who has made it clear he doesn’t particularly like Solo’s personality. When it comes to Indiana Jones, Ford hasn’t made the same comments, leading many to believe he far prefers the adventure-prone archaeology professor.

Considering that the most recent Indiana Jones film stayed true to an aging Indy, it’s going to interesting to see how Harrison Ford decides to play the character in Indiana Jones 5.

[Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images]